2020 BFGoodrich Tires Ultra4 Europe Championship.

Whilst it has taken longer to confirm than we wanted; we finally have race weekends confirmed for the 2020 BF Goodrich Ultra4 European Championship!
Over the course of 2019 we have spoken to many, many teams and the overwhelming response has been to go back to our roots. So from this season we will be racing a set distance over a set time frame. Fastest to complete the distance wins. This gives everyone a much fairer chance of placing rather than relying on pure horsepower alone.
We cannot do this for the King of France as the course is a maximum of 8km so for safety reasons this will be the only heat race on the calendar.

King of Spain – 15-17 May, Spain – A new site. The closest to Johnson Valley we have ever seen!

King of France – 19-21 June, France – Rock, rock and more rock. Short and gnarly.

King of Britain – 17-19 July Britain – The original European race and special for its terrain and climate.

King of Poland – 4-6 September, Poland – The peoples choice, fast flowing and a great party.

Ultra4 International Invitational Race – 23-25 October, Secret location. You will know when you receive an invitation!

Scoring for the championship will come from three out of four races.

Prize money will be offered to ALL classes racing this year (3 or more trucks per class).

The Road to the Hammers will also change. Rather than it going to the top driver from each country. It will now be for the winner of each class in the BF Goodrich Ultra4 European Championship. We listened to the other classes and look forward to seeing them race at KOH in 2021!

Shootouts will happen at every round this year.

Finally, we understand that life is not all about racing and we are planning a Driver’s Fair at each event – probably either before or after the Prologue – an opportunity to mix with the locals, partake in European culture, food and technology and generally share our passion for racing, machines and life.

You will notice that we no longer have a race in Portugal. Our partners in Portugal, Norte4x4 have decided that they no longer want to be associated with Ultra4 globally and thus for 2020 we will not be racing in Portugal. However we are discussing an exciting new race in Portugal with a new ground team for 2021. We wish the Norte4x4 crew good luck in their new race series and thank them for their hard work helping build the King of Portugal race to one of the best in Europe.

As a European race organisation we have tried to space the races so they do not clash with others, giving you, as race teams as much opportunity to race as possible. If we have clashed with anything, this is not intentional, it is because we have no other dates available from the landowners.

Registrations will open on the website in January.
We look forward to seeing you all race in the championship in 2020.

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