2021 Rock it ’til Sundown Superfinal to be sponsored by Relax to Race and will run a Joker Lane

Lockdown continues to prove a productive time for the Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club as they work on plans for their 2021 events. Fresh off the announcement that all things being safe and well with Covid guidelines, they’ll be kicking off the first of the their four planned events for this year with the Helter Skelter Hillclimb at Buckland Newton, Dorset on Saturday 12th June the team have some more positive news to spread instead of the negativity of Coronavirus.

The Steel Hawk MCC team are pleased to announce that ‘Relax to Race CBD Arm Pump Oil’ will again be getting behind the ‘Rock it til Sundown Summer MX Classic’ as title sponsors of the Superfinal at the end of the evening and putting up the prize pot for the top riders to slug it out, but that’s not all. There’ll also be a change to the format for this year’s event as Steel Hawk MCC’s Jeff Perrett explains;

“This will be our fourth running of ‘Rock it til Sundown’ and we’ve learned a lot in the first three years. Last year the event went up a considerable notch in many ways, most notably the entries and we had a lot of riders on the reserve list to race. A few ideas and things didn’t quite go the way we wanted and we’ve learned from that. With that in mind that’s why we’ve made amendments to the adult racing schedule. The kids schedule in the day time will stay the same as that worked really well, but for the adults we’re going to be doing it differently.

“With the clubman being such a popular class we’ve decided to run separate MX1 and MX2 clubman classes and give them two motos each. Then for the more accomplished Expert riders and pros we’re going to have one combined group taking a maximum of 20 in the MX1 and MX2 classes respectively, using the Expert and Pro status from national championships as the criteria. Basically if you race nationals events in the Expert or Pro classes, then that’s the class for you.

“For the ‘Relax to Race’ Superfinal we’re going to take the top 9 riders from the Expert MX1 overall after their two motos, then the top 9 from the Expert MX2. We’re then going to round it up with the overall winners from the Clubman MX2 and MX1 to make a 20 rider Superfinal, and this is where we’re definitely doing it differently than before, because we’re going to shorten the track, shorten the race time and add a ‘Joker Lane’ like the Monster Cup! A section of the Supercross track will be used as the ‘Joker Lane’ that every rider will have to have go through once at some point in the race. Seeing how well it works at the Monster Cup and the fact we’re really trying to put some excitement and fun back in the game here in the U.K we think it’s going to bring some great entertainment. On top of that we’ll have some brilliant action throughout the entire day and of course our ‘Airborne Gunner Summer Supercross’ the night before. Hopefully if we’re allowed to have spectators by then we’ll see some awesome Supercross racing on the Tuesday, have a good vibe and some live music afterwards and then wrap it up with a full day of motocross on Wednesday with the ‘Relax to Race’ Superfinal as the finale. So, thanks to Scott and Rick at Relax to Race for continuing to get behind the event for a second year and helping us to make it happen, it’s greatly appreciated. We’re excited to see it happen and the drama that the Joker Lane will bring unfold.”

Relax to Race CBD Arm Pump Oil head honcho Scott Roper is also excited about it all. “We’re pleased to say we’ll be working with the Steel Hawk crew for another year. We like their enthusiasm and the way they’re trying to elevate the sport in the U.K. The event had such a good atmosphere last year and was really well run, especially considering everything that has been going on over the last year. We’re happy to associate our growing brand with them and we’re definitely looking forward to racing the Supercross as well as Rock it til Sundown.”

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