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    NORA Motorsport is a trading name of NORA 92 Limited. For the purposes of this document any reference to NORA can refer to NORA Motorsport or NORA 92 Limited.

    By becoming a member of Nora Motorsport, an organisation will be included in the NORA 92 Limited’s Combined Liability insurance policy which provides an indemnity of £20m. Employers' Liability for employees and volunteers as well as products liability, professional indemnity and personal accident cover for all officials is also included. You will also have access to the resources section of the website and full-time support from the office.

    Please note:
    The information requested within the Organisation Affiliation form is collected by NORA Motorsport for several purposes including; insurance, equality and safeguarding standards and monitoring purposes to fit with current Sport England data requirements. The requirements for Sport England data can change, which sometimes requires us to revise the questions we ask our clubs.

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    Club Website Access

    Please list the people that will require access to your organisations section of the website. A maximum of three people per organisation are allowed access.


    To become an affiliated organiser within Nora Motorsport the organisations agrees to work within and be bound by the Rules and Regulations of Nora Motorsport. Event paperwork must be returned to the office via Scanned E Mail or via the post to: NORA Motorsport, Suite 7-08, Area C, Radley Road Ind Est, Abingdon, OX14 3RY. The organisation agrees to save from harm NORA Motorsport and NORA 92 Limited and will do everything in its power to maintain the highest of safety standards.

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