NORA Motorsport are now in the position whereby we are comfortable with issuing event Permits for organisers to get competitors back on course, with strict coronavirus guidelines in place and being adhered to.

We now have practice and training session underway with a maximum of 25 participants per session, with organisers managing either two or three sessions per day. To minimise the need for paperwork at the events we have been issuing riders with one event licence Memberships since the start of 2020, these cards allow competitors to pay their one event licence fee without the need to complete a form each time they ride, the membership application is now available, free of charge, through the webiste. Please see the licence drop down or follow this LINK.

MX Academy, SVSSC Ltd, Champs Parc, Dirtbike-Action and BMR Dirt will be the first organisers to test out the new operating systems, with the expectation that all goes according to plan we will look to double the attendee numbers by 6th June. As the picture demonstrates the social distancing at MX Academy, Walsall is working out well as the first organiser to run a permitted session since lockdown and early indications are that the system is operating as expected.

With the way that things are moving with the general release form lockdown, we are now expecting to be up and running with race events without age restrictions and no restriction on numbers other than available space for social distancing in paddocks, as early as the start of July, this is two weeks ahead of our initial predictions which is good news for us all.

Events will have a new feel with strict guidelines in place for organsiers to manage, we are however, doing everything we can to prevent unecessary issues at events. Hence the importance of people using the One Event Membership system, as a rider and somebody that intends to ride on one event memberships with clubs that accept them, then it is a good idea to get ahead of the game and get your free application completed.

When we get back to the tracks there will be a number of restrictions that we will all need to get used to such as:

If you have any questions on the release from lockdown or would like to discuss running practice or race events under the NORA Motorpsort banner then please contact us on 08453 880992 or 07368 458650

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