Following yesterday’s announcement by the Government (16th March), although very vague in its nature, the underlying message was very clear. Cut down on all non-essential travel, cut down on social gatherings and above all of that the NHS will not be supporting mass gatherings.

Whilst there is no clear advice for the leisure industry, in other words the government will not come out and stay that we must stop, we simply cannot carry on with our events and comply with the guidelines issued to us following yesterday’s COBRA meeting.

NORA Motorsport will now stop issuing event permits to its affiliated organisers where there is a likely need for people to travel long distances to compete, congregate in one area and where the nature of the events is likely to increase the workload of the already overloaded NHS in these difficult times. In other words all events currently scheduled will be either postponed or cancelled for the current time.

For the time being we will continue to support smaller events where organisers wish to continue. These would be where there are a significantly lower number of attendees and where people will be attending from the local area. There will be guidance given to these organisers on how to manage the hygiene and health of visitors in a more controlled manner along with constant liaison with the local medical centres.

We will be constantly evaluating the situation with regards to Government, Public Health and Sport England announcements and will be re-evaluating the restrictions around the Easter period. We will also endeavour to keep our organisers and competitors up to date with announcements as this situation develops.

For now, stay safe and hopefully we will be back running events very soon.

NORA Motorsport

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