NORA Motorsport are currently assessing the situation around the spread of the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). There is a constant update on the situation form the Government and Public Health England, this is being monitored here in the office to help us make responsible decisions as to how this will impact upon our sport.

The first positive is that as our events are outdoors, without thousands of people in a confined space there is no suggestion that our events shouldn’t go ahead at this time


Incubation Information

The incubation period of COVID-19 is between 2 to 14 days. This means that if a person remains well 14 days after contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus, they have not been infected.

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19

The following symptoms may develop in the 14 days after exposure to someone who has COVID-19 infection:

Generally, these infections can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease.

How COVID-19 is spread

From what is known about other coronaviruses, spread of COVID-19 is most likely to happen when there is close contact (within 2 metres or less) with an infected person. It is likely that the risk increases the longer someone has close contact with an infected person.

Respiratory secretions produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes containing the virus are most likely to be the main means of transmission.

There are 2 main routes by which people can spread COVID-19:

There is currently little evidence that people who are without symptoms are infectious to others.


Currently we will continue running our events but need to minimise the risk of spreading the infection as there is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus.

Public Health England (PHE) recommends that the following general cold and flu precautions are taken to help you from catching and spreading COVID-19, we strongly advise that you take notice and act upon this advise:

Face masks for the general public are not recommended to protect from infection, as there is no evidence of benefit from their use outside healthcare environments.


Due to our events taking part outdoors without thousands of people confined together in a small space there is no current plan to stop events taking place.

Obviously, this is a very fluid situation and we will keep abreast of developments and convey them to you as time goes by.

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