New major sponsor for British Supermoto Championship


In a move to increase the profile of the British Supermoto Championship and reach the wider audience this exciting sport deserves, Technative X TNL Sports has struck a ground-breaking partnership with the organisers, to deliver a full digital makeover, including a fresh re-brand, dynamic social media activity, and free-to-watch live broadcasts of every round. The newly christened “Tripz British Supermoto” championship is set to catapult the sport back into the limelight and cement its place on the world stage.


This revolutionary transformation is made possible by the championship’s new title sponsor,, along with the unwavering support of several other key sponsors. Race A sponsor, Sheen Projects, Replay sponsor, Bathmate, Race B sponsor, Automotive Solutions, and Academy Race sponsor, FF Solutions Ltd, have all demonstrated their commitment to the sport and the individuals who run these companies share a firm belief in British Supermoto and have a desire to spread its appeal.


Together, these companies are driving the evolution of the sport, making it more accessible than ever to fans, while also providing a platform for talented riders to showcase their skills. The live broadcasts will attract new enthusiasts and generate a newfound appreciation for the intensity and excitement of Supermoto racing.


“We’re thrilled to partner with Technative X TNL Sports and our dedicated sponsors to breathe new life into British Supermoto,” commented David Dearden the race director. “With their support, we’re confident that we can ignite the passion for this exhilarating sport and bring it to an even wider audience.”


This digital renaissance, spearheaded by Technative X TNL Sports, will undoubtedly capture the imagination of both seasoned Supermoto fans and newcomers alike. As the Tripz British Supermoto championship gears up for its next chapter, it’s time for everyone to experience the thrill of Supermoto racing like never before.


On behalf of British Supermoto, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to, Sheen Projects, Bathmate, Automotive Solutions, and FF Solutions Ltd for their unwavering belief in the sport and for helping make this extraordinary partnership a reality.


Stay tuned for more updates on the Tripz British Supermoto Championship, and don’t miss the opportunity to witness the action-packed racing, all available for free through our live broadcasts.

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