Following the announcement of a new, more prevalant strain of Coronavirus, the UK Governments have introduced new, stricter guidance for certain areas. I am sure by now that everybody is aware of the tighter restrictions for the Christmas period but where does the introduction of Tier 4 leave us as a Sport?

For Tier 4 areas in England and for and Wales the answer is straightforward, no NORA 92 permitted practices or events can take place until any further announcement easing the restrictions is made.

For English areas in Tier 3 and for Scotland, outdoor organised (non-contact) sporting activities can continue.

People within these areas are urged not to travel more than is necessary, to avoid travel to other areas of the UK, especially areas in Wales and Tier 4, and not to remain away from home overnight.

We all have to remember the massive strain that this virus is putting on the NHS and the hard working staff, we must all do our part to minimise the risk of adding to that strain.

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