Round three of the Bridgestone Masters at the new Monster Mountain track in Wales which is literally on top of a mountain. It is a fast track with plenty of jumps that flows well and I am sure will improve further with the work they are putting in to it.

After qualifying 12th, Race 1 got a decent start running 8th but was a bit too cautious on the heavily watered track in the opening couple of laps and dropped a couple of places eventually finishing 11th. Race two didn’t go quite so well after hitting the start gate, first time I’ve ever done that, and took me a good 20 seconds to get the bike free but after getting up to 21st after the first lap I kept pushing and eventually finished 13th.

In Races 3 and 4 on the Sunday, I  got better starts and showed good pace to finish 10th in race 3 and 8th in race 4. Overall I was pretty pleased with a 9th overall for the championship given that I was suffering with tonsillitis!

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