So here we are once again, unsurprisingly the PM announced last night that England is once again in national lockdown, the same was announced for Scotland and Wales is already in that situation. This will most likely be until the begging of March.
So what does that mean for the NORA 92 Motorsport community, well the prominent text on the Government Coronavirus pages is this:

National lockdown: stay at home

You must stay at home. This is the single most important action we can all take to protect the NHS and save lives.
You must not leave your home unless necessary.
Stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household or bubble.

We all need to comply with these restrictions now so that there is a chance that we can kick start our seasons as early as possible. The PM has set out some very strict rules on leaving your home and travelling, while exercise is one of those reasons, this is restricted to your local area with persons from your household or one other person. ALL outdoor sports venues must now close until the restrictions are again relaxed.

We believe the message is very clear so for the duration of the lockdown, NORA 92 will not be issuing any permits for either practice or events in the UK, whilst we understand that this is going to be hard we MUST follow the guidance and play our part in eradicating this virus.

We will continue to monitor the guidance being issued from the various Governments as well as Sport England and do our best to keep everybody updated. As with the first lockdown in 2020, we will make sure that we are fully prepared to get out on track as soon as it is feasibly possible.

The message for now is very clear:


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