Jack Evans heads to Bromsberrow for the penultimate round of the AMCA Championship!

Up and down weekend at Bromsberrow for the AMCA Championship


In qualifying, the track was very fast and we were first out so I struggled to get a flow. Qualified P7

R1- made loads of mistakes early on after a bad start, but managed to pull back to 5th.

R2 – a better start and made some passes to get myself into 3rd place, where I stayed for the rest of the race.


R1 – awful start adter hitting someone’s reat wwheel down the start straight and rode into the fence.

Struggled to make the time up on a very smooth and fast track

R2 – really good start. Made my way into 2nd place a couple of laps in and was able to pull a comfortable gap from the riders behind.

Overall – P4. Missed out on the podium by only 2 points,  but have maintained my position of 3rd in the overall championship.


Thanks to everyone that helps

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