Final Battle of the Season – Ultra 4 hits Bovington

After a season of racing that has taken in France, England (Kirton), Wales, Poland and Portugal, the Ultra 4 trains final stop is the Battle of Bovington!

Catering for 6 classes of all wheel drive car including, UTV, WInch, Stock, Modified, Legend and of course the Unlimited 4400’s, the Bovington tank training grounds will host the final British Championship round.

Prologue qualifying will take place on Friday 28th October with racing on both Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th so the Battle of Bovington promises to be a fight to the last. Set in the fantastic backdrop of the British Army’s Royal Armoured Corps centre of driving excellence, the  ARMOUR CENTRE, Bovington Camp, competing teams will fight to rise above all challengers and become King of Bovington 2022, provin

g that they have the strength and courage to take on all adversaries.

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