DTRA 2020 Season

We are happy to confirm a few details for the 2020 season. We have been working hard to get everything lined up, at present not everything is agreed but there are some things we need to tell you about right away.

1) In case you missed it the 2019 awards presentation. It will be held on Saturday January 25th 2020 at Krazy Horse Farmhouse Oxford

If you are coming…



2) Nora Motorsport:

For the 2020 season the DTRA will be using NORA Motorsport instead of the MCF for the our governing body. Nora Motorsport has been set up by Roy Barton who was our key contact at the MCF and we feel that we would like to support Roy with his new venture. Nora Motorsport has been set up to 100% support motorsport activities in the UK.

Here is what Roy at Nora has to say:

NORA 92 Limited is a company that has been around for seventeen years, issuing Road Traffic Act Exemption Permits to motor sport events. Now under new ownership it is in a position to work with organizers from the world of off road sport, two, three and four wheeled, as a no nonsense organisation that can deal with the issue of its organizers individually. We feel that we will make a great partnership with DTRA when it comes to regulating and licencing. With a good understanding of the sport and with the support of the DTRA team, we believe we can play our part in seeing a continued growth in Flat Track in the UK as well as looking after the flow of riders competing from Europe. Flat Track is an exciting sport and we are extremely pleased to be working with DTRA going in to 2020.

So for 2020 Licences can be purchased directly from the Nora website.

Click Here

The switch to Nora will change very little in terms of rules and regulations but we will post the amended regs in the coming weeks for those who like reading such things.

3) Draft Schedule. We do not have all the rounds confirmed yet but here is a draft of our 2020 dates. (these could be subject to change but we will be able to confirm within the next couple of weeks)

For the most part we will be trying to stick to running Pro/Inter and a support class on Saturdays and the rest of the classes on a Sunday.

4) We are super excited about the new twins class in 2020 we have had plenty of interest in this and have a couple of manufacturers entering bikes already. This class will be designed for all twins 750cc and above that don’t meet the Hooligan regs so if you have something eligible start getting it prepped.

See you at the Races!!!!

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