We have now reached April 14th, this is the date we promised to review the Coronavirus situation in relation to NORA Motorsport. I am sure that you are expecting that there is likely to be little change at this time with the countrywide lockdown in place and you would be right. We send our sincerest thanks to those of you that continue to work in key areas, helping keep the rest of us safe and get through these difficult times.

We are constantly tracking the situation both here and abroad and looking at comparisons to get a better feel for when we can start to lift restrictions, this decision is obviously going to be led by the lifting of restrictions by Government but we will do our best to keep on top of the situation so that we are ready to go at the first, and safest, opportunity. With the different types of event that we sanction this lifting is likely to come in a phased approach rather than be one set date.

It would appear that the closest European comparison to our situation, with regards to growth rates of infections, is that of Spain. They have experienced a decline of 50% in the new infection rate since their peak 3 weeks ago. Nobody is saying when we are expecting to be reaching that peak in the UK but hopefully, assuming we all stick to the lockdown, that will come soon.

We are not keen to put a hard and fast date on the return of our sport due to the fluent situation that we find ourselves in. We will release another review on 5th May whereby we will hopefully be in a position to better predict an end date. Until that time then we all need to continue to abide by the Government guidelines and we can all pay our part in bringing a speedy conclusion to this situation.

For our organisers with events scheduled in the coming weeks we wish we were in the position to say when the restrictions will be lifted. However, for the time being all we can say is that we do not expect the situation to change until the end of May at the earliest.

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