NORA CRS Rider Jack Evans gets 4th overall at Rounds 1 & 2 with Severn Valley

Round 1 and 2 of Severn Valley at English Bicknor.

Day 1 was tough due to not getting the starts, but I powered through to get 5-5-5, so 4th overall on the day

Day 2  Race 1 – I had a horrendous start and got caught in a pileup on the first lap. Fought hard and finished 8th. Race 2 – another awful start of Race 2. Had a crash and managed to get back to 7th. The last race was by far the best. The start was good and although I made a couple of mistakes, and my handlebars came loose on the last lap, I managed to pull back to 3rd.

Finished 4th overall on the weekend

What’s helping from Coach Robb:

  • Keeping consistent lap times and not over stretching myself at the start of the race
  • Keeping well hydrated and eating (lots!)
  • I overtook some of the other riders towards the back end of the race- just goes to show my fitness is holding up well
  • Coming in from the race and having some quiet time to think things through (without Dad giving me advice straight away )


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