NORA Motorsport European, British and National Champions

European, British and National Champions – Season 2020

Class Name Organiser Classification
Michelin Pro MX1 Tommy Searle MX Nationals British
Michelin Pro MX2 Josh Gilbert MX Nationals British
Minibike 190cc Blaine Blackwell Minibike Champs British
Oakley Expert MX1 Shaun Southgate MX Nationals British
Bell Expert MX2 Jake Preston MX Nationals British
Moto Connection Clubman MX1 Ryan Osborn MX Nationals British
RFX Cluman MX2 Alex Buchanan MX Nationals British
Talon Youth MXY1 Bobby Bruce MX Nationals British
Talon Youth MXY2 Cullen Scott MX Nationals British
Fly Racing 85cc Big Wheel Charlie Heyman MX Nationals British
Gaerne 85cc Small Wheel Ryan Waggott MX Nationals British
Junior 65cc Robbie Daly Minibike Champs British
50cc Auto Ethan Georgiou Minibike Champs British
Masters Minibike Scott Joyner Minibike Champs British
Vets Minibike Adam Burton Minibike Champs British
Youth Junior Minibike Maddie Banks Minibike Champs British
Youth Senior Minibike Leo Vowles Minibike Champs British
Pro-Green Amateur MX1 Bradley Maddever MX Nationals National
Pro-Green Amateur MX1 Kieran Yorke MX Nationals National
Farm Bike Motocross Mathew Bayliss Minibike Champs National
Supermod 110cc Minibike Daniel Lee Minibike Champs National
Superstock 110cc Minibike Ashley Gorman Minibike Champs National
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