WOR & NORA – securing the structure of future Enduro Events

WOR Enduro Sport headed up by Steve Ireland are well known over the last 3 decades as one of the leading lights of off road Enduro motorcycle events in the UK and for 2023 the team at WOR are very proud and excited to be joining the hugely professional Nora Motorsport Team.

NORA are a very pro-active organisation that are providing lots of permits across the UK and indeed with international interests, for lots of “off highway” motorsports activities.

WOR ENDURO SPORT’s affiliation to the NORA group is a very important “event” in its own right and will ensure that moving forward the highest level of event structure is in place for all concerned.

WOR’s STEVE IRELAND SAID: “The level of cover and safety they offer the organiser of events to keep the future and sustainability of continued safe and prosperous events is of an unmatched level and something that, moving forward WOR Enduro Sport and myself could not ignore being involved with. From the cover of our own officials through to the very important landowners, but most of all the cover of the “All-important Riders”, what we can now produce legally and digitally is a massive step forward for all concerned at WOR …and will ensure the longevity of the events moving forward, all things need to change and progress and this is a 100 percent total progression, even just getting and obtaining the one day and full year event licences will be all now online and easier for us and the rider, then the actual cover that is in place that protects all involved within producing and running an event, from Staff, through to the end user, The rider, is now at a higher and more professional level than ever before, I/ We cannot wait to get started.”

NORA HEAD OF OPERATIONS ROY BARTON SAID: “Following recent discussions, NORA Motorsport are pleased that we are going to be working with Steve Ireland and WOR Enduro Sport going on to 2023 and beyond, helping to secure the long-term future of their events. Steve will be a great asset to NORA with his vast knowledge of the Cross Country, Hare n Hounds, Extreme and indeed, all things in the Enduro world and working together, WOR will be able to continue to give riders superb events which we are sure will continue to get support from the huge numbers of current and new members and riders that attend Steve’s great events”

Starting with immediate effect Riders can obtain licences for next year’s WOR ENDURO SPORT EVENTS by visiting Nora’s website: https://nora92.com/2023-licence/

(Current IOPD regulations run at WOR Events until the last event of 2022, WOR and Steve would like to wish them the very best for the future and send a massive thanks to them for all their support over the last decade)

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