From little acorns grow BIG trees and just like WOR Enduro Boss Steve Ireland did with the retired Tough One Extreme and the Dormant Sucker Punch Hard Enduro… He brought to life a brand new event in its own right, THE FIR SUCKER PUNCH REHEATED …

It was a massively well-received new Hard Enduro in the calendar and of course, it was well run, challenging and most of all enjoyable to ride in the iconic and World famous (for UK extreme enduro) Nantmawr Quarry.

Running a brand new format of a 2hr qualification race (a hard enduro race in its own right) ..and then a Super Final for 1hr was the “sucker punch” in the chops for the riders and racers that entered , took part and supported this inaugural event … Feedback since the event overnight to the organisers phones, email and socials has been nothing short of 100 positive and glowing…

Kind weather added to the great atmosphere and intense race feeling that this quarry always offers and looking forward the event will certainly grow in stature as have all of WOR Enduro Sports previous extremes…

It was a good day in the office for Beta Motorcycles as they dominated a-lot of the winning..with JACK SPENCER looking the real deal in both races and taking a very well earned and creditable double win. Jack was in fine form and looked very smooth, determined and FAST as he tackled all obstacles the gnarly terrain threw at him, even with some blisters from race 1, he battled on and went even quicker in race 2, playing catch up to the early leaders in the Final..(Frost and Wibberley).

He was never far from his nearest challenger though, who was Charlie Frost. Frost also Beta mounted was throwing some big shapes and jumps on some of the hillclimbs and his previous speed and knowledge of the Nantmawr terrain was a joy to watch.

Ben Wibberleys long legs and bright orange KTM clothing and bike made him another big stand out rider as he secured the final placing on the PRO podium. All the 3 Pros doing an unmatched 8 laps each in the Grand Final…

Other Stand out winners were, Lee Meredith in the Experts, Stevie Roper in the Expert Vets, Chris Brown in the Clubman, Chris Salt Over 50, Paul Martin in the VETS B and Jordan Walters in Sportsman. The top Youth riders were Osian Thomas, Jake Tansley and Curtis Mealham, All doing fantastic tackling the challenge.

The event as stated was a massive success and will surely now , as folk that took part will talk about it etc, will go on an d be a brilliant new addition to the WOR HARD ENDURO events schedule.

WOR would as always like to send a MASSIVE thanks out to all involved in running the event, from the friendly, trustworthy and safekeeping staff, through to medics, the excellent caterers and bike spare stall, the sponsors, FACTORY IMAGE RACING , the super sport supporting Land Owners and of course the big chunk of riders that supported the event and took part making it happen.

Nantmwar can scare a lot of riders off with its brutal nature and many a top rider has been made to look ” normal” there but each and everyone taking part last weekend looked a true hard enduro warrior as they battled the unforgiving rocks and terrain that was thrown at them..

For the Full Results go to >>:

Race Report by WOR Events – Picture by Doc Ward Photography

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