The Victory parade #3 – 2022 Nora British Motocross Champion Tom Parker-Butler – Youth

The third 2022 Nora British Motocross Champion we caught up with was Tom Parker-Butler who was crowned at the Nora92 British Cup at Marshfield…

Nora: Coming into the event what were your targets?

Tom: To take the overall, we had been training hard and practising all the right things from when I came back from my leg injury.

Nora: How did you find the revamped Marshfield track?

Tom: Perfect, very enjoyable and came good even after the rain

Nora: What was your best race of the weekend?

Tom: Arguably race one, holeshot and had a slight bike problem which made me drop back, bike sorted itself and came back through to win by 12 seconds!

Nora: What riders did you have the best battles with?

Tom: Jake O’Gorman and Joey Benfield

Nora: Give us a rundown of your weekend & your results?

Tom: I had a solid Sunday with 2 holeshots and 2 wins, Monday had two average starts and a 3rd (2nd excluding wild card) and 2nd (1st excluding wildcard) to take the overall

Nora: How does it feel to be a Nora British Champion?

Tom: Great, a perfect way to end a mega weekend, a great repayment to all the sponsors to invest all their time and efforts into me! I would love to give a massive shoutout to my main sponsor IDS TRANSPORT too.

Nora: What did you enjoy most about the Nora92 Cup?

Tom: The track and event, very professional and track conditions were second to none

Nora: Will you be coming back next year to defend the title?

Tom: I will definitely be back next year, but this time in the elite cup I believe!

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