The Victory Parade #2 – 2022 Nora British Motocross Champion Jasmine Pullen – Women

The second Nora British Motocross Champion we caught up with is Women’s Champ Jasmine Pullen…

Nora: Coming into the event what were your targets?

Jasmine: I come into the weekend hoping to get a good result

Nora: How did you find the revamped Marshfield track?

Jasmine: I thought the revamped Marshfield was awesome and rode really well

Nora: What was your best race of the weekend?

Jasmine: My best race was Race 3 was overall really consistent and track conditions were prime

Nora: What riders did you have the best battles with?

Jasmine: I had some good battles with some of the other mx2 riders

Nora: Give us a rundown of your weekend & your results?

Jasmine: Day 1 it did rain almost all day but the track was still good was a bit slick at points, especially in race 2 but got 1st in race one and 1st in race 2.

On Day 2 we had a little bit of rain in the night but the track couldn’t have been better! I got 1st in race 3 and 1st in race 4

Nora: How does it feel to be a Nora British Champion?

Jasmine: It feels really good to be a Nora 92 champion and was my first win ever so was amazing!

Nora: What did you enjoy most about the Nora92 Cup?

Jasmine: The atmosphere was amazing. I thought the commentary added a nice touch setting a great atmosphere.

Nora: Will you be coming back next year to defend the title?

Jasmine: I will most definitely be back to try to defend the title!

Picture by Summers Photography

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