The Victory parade #1 – 2022 Nora British Motocross Champion Jack Evans – Big Wheel 85

We caught up with our first ever Nora British Motocross Champions who were crowned at the Nora92 British Cup at Marshfield…

The first Champ we caught up with was the Big Wheel 85 victor Jack Evans…

Nora: Coming into the event what were your targets?

Jack: To ride well and have a fun weekend with my team mates from EvenStokes. Also to represent my other sponsors (if you would like a list, they are EvenStokes, Phoenix Tools, MRE Contracts, Tillit Suspension, Xtreme Conversions, Prospect Electrical, WCE and Asterisk Knee Braces)

Nora: How did you find the revamped Marshfield track?

Jack: I haven’t ridden at Marshfield since I was on an auto 8 years ago but I really enjoyed it and the track was prepped really well.

Nora: What was your best race of the weekend?

Jack: The last race on Monday because the track was rough and made it challenging

Nora: What riders did you have the best battles with?

Jack: Robbie Daly, Tallis Price and Connor Williams

Nora: Give us a rundown of your weekend & your results?

Jack: I won every BW race and had a holeshot on Monday. I would have liked to win the entire race, but Robbie in the SW held me off– he is a great rider!

Nora: How does it feel to be a Nora British Champion?

Jack: Excited to be the first-ever NORA92 BW British Champion and proud to have the NORA Cup on display for a year

Nora: What did you enjoy most about the Nora92 Cup?

Jack: Seeing my EvenStrokes sponsors and teammates and watching all the great racing. It was great that prize money could be won in every class- not just the adults!

Nora: Will you be coming back next year to defend the title?

Jack: I’ll definitely be back, but next year I will be on a 125cc!

Pictures by Summers Photography

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