The One That Nearly Wasn’t! 2023 Polaris British SXS Racing Championship Round 3

This track has always been and always will be special to SXS Racing. PAR Homes is still the only track in the UK that is designed solely for this style of racing, and it shows in the quality of the racing held there. However, there has always been a catch. The weather once again tried to have its say as torrential rain hit on the day leading up to the event, causing serious concerns about the event taking place. The team held onto hope and made the decision to postpone Saturday’s racing to keep the surface sealed, as it was holding up well. It worked, and we managed to get the whole event off, with only the strange order of events being affected. A massive thank you to all the team behind the scenes who made this all possible, and a particular thank you to Paul Rowlands and the PAR Homes Team for all their support over the weekend. Let’s have a look at what went on.

Group 1: Open Pro & Veterans Pro Class Qualifying

This session seems to get more interesting with every event, and this weekend was no exception. Some new faces added to the regulars, resulting in a shuffle of the pack. Paul Severn continued his stranglehold on this class, setting a solid pole lap early on. William Buller pushed on, although it was only a practice session for him since he wouldn’t be racing in the class, focusing instead on the thousand Pros. Shaun Jenkinson finished third over the line, kept honest throughout the session by newcomer Tom Welbourn in his first-ever Pro session. Adrian/Callum Loveridge continued their decent run of form, taking fifth place, ahead of guest driver Jason Rowlands in sixth. Tom Fletcher managed seventh, wrestling with only two-wheel drive, and Alfie Davies closed off the grid. Race one was a go.

Veteran Qualifying

This class is great to watch as the friends of the veteran class swap paint while smiling. This session was no different and was as competitive as ever. Olly McGuffog found some speed and threw down a lap over two seconds faster than his nearest rival. What a lap! Next in was class leader Nick Barker, chased by newcomer Simon Grantham in a solid third. Wayne Harris returned and found some decent form to take fourth in class, ahead of new class member Nick Payne in fifth. Andrew Postlethwaite closed off the pack, setting up a turbulent race one.

Open Pro Race 1

This race was a challenging session, for sure. An early finish due to a red flag and several mechanical issues meant only four cars made it to the starting line. Paul Severn again took the win in convincing fashion, although the car looked like a handful in the wet conditions. Tom Welbourn broke into the class with a fantastic performance, taking second place ahead of the father and son team, Adrian and Callum Loveridge. Shaun Jenkinson closed off the depleted field, taking fourth place.

Veteran Race 1

This was an eventful session for everyone involved, but the racing from this group was fierce. Nick Barker pushed hard throughout the session and was rewarded with the win after an incident with Olly McGuffog led to an early end to the session. Wayne Harris made the most of the opportunity, crossing the line in second place, a great result considering his limited recent seat time. Nick Payne secured third place, causing waves in his new class, beating Richard Burke in fourth and the returning Andrew Postlethwaite in fifth. Simon Grantham was the last of the finishers, closing off the grid.

Open Pro Race 2

Race two was more of the same as Paul Severn put the hammer down and solidified his position at the top. Dominance from the Pro Severn car set up another clean sweep attempt in race three. Tom Welbourn again proved that he belonged among the fastest cars, taking second place and posting a fastest lap time less than a second off the flying Pro Severn. It was great driving from Tom. Adrian and Callum Loveridge continued their strong form, finishing in third place, ahead of their friend and rival, Shaun Jenkinson, in fourth. It was another intense race in the Pro Class with fierce wheel-to-wheel battles throughout. Well done to everyone.

Veterans Race 2

This race was a bit peculiar as there was definite racing up and down the pack, but the result remained the same. Nick Barker once again took the win, followed by his friend and rival, Wayne Harris. Nick Payne secured third place, completing the podium, beating Richard Burke in fourth and Andrew Postlethwaite in fifth. Simon Grantham built on his performance from race one, improving his lap times in only his third full session.


Open Pro Race 3

It was only a matter of time before the pack shuffled, and a change in track conditions caused just that. Paul Severn once again showcased his skills, piloting his car to victory and completing the clean sweep for the day. It was another great day for the number 7 Pro XP. Shaun Jenkinson’s RS1 made light work of the now greasy surface, and a strong drive propelled him to second place. Tom Welbourn battled hard but had to settle for third place once again, demonstrating that he is more than capable at the very top level. Adrian and Callum Loveridge closed off the grid for the final session, capping off a great day for the Pros. Well done to everyone.

Veterans Race 3

Once again, the result didn’t seem to reflect the competitive nature of the racing. Nick Barker took another well-deserved first place, but he was kept on his toes throughout the race. Wayne Harris secured second place and set the fastest lap of the session while doing so. Nick Payne rounded off the podium places in third, showcasing another solid session in his new class. Simon Grantham improved to fourth place, with Richard Burke being the last of the finishers in fifth. It was another thrilling race to top off a great day for the veteran class.

Overall Results Open Pro

1st – Paul Severn #7 (Polaris Pro XP)

2nd – Tom Welbourn #74 (Polaris Pro XP)

3rd – Shaun Jenkinson #70 (Polaris RS1)

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Tom Welbourn

Clerk Driver of The Day – Tom Welbourn

Overall Results Veterans

1st – Nick Barker #40 (Polaris RS1)

2nd – Wayne Harris #44 (Polaris RZR 1000)

3rd – Nick Payne #216 (Polaris RZR 1000)

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Nick Barker

Clerks Driver of The Day – Nick Barker

Group 2: 1000 Rookies


This class is always closely contested, and with a few big names absent, this session was set up to be a thrilling one. Joe Chilvers set the bar with a lap that not many saw coming, thanks to a surprising change that brought newfound speed. Fred Tarrant once again set a solid time, taking second place ahead of Anthony Green in third, setting up a great race one for the front positions. Rianna Harris finished fourth, beating Jack Barker by just one second, highlighting how tight things are. Sam Lloyd secured sixth place, engaging in a close battle with seventh-place Brad Price. Harley McGuffog crossed the line in eighth place, followed by Jeremy Levick, Alan and Joe Curnick, and Scott Cromwell, who closed off the grid.

1000 Rookie Race One

Joe Chilvers was gone, and he had no intention of looking back. The race win was his, but the battle behind him was well worth watching. Jack Barker came out on top, taking second place after pushing hard through the battling pack. Fred Tarrant closed off the podium spots in a race that saw drama and passing on every lap. Next up was Brad Price, making great progress up the ranks to fourth, followed by Joe and Allan Curnick in a solid fifth place. Harley McGuffog closed off the cars on the lead lap in a thrilling race to watch. This class really does deliver, and today looked set to be no different.

1000 Rookie Race Two

Another fierce session looked set, and it didn’t disappoint. Joe Chilvers set the pace at the front, and a battle with Fred Tarrant unfolded lap after lap. A well-timed Joker Lane maneuver saw Fred Tarrant take the race lead going into the last lap, and the result seemed set. Or so we thought. The tension was palpable going into the final corners when Fred spun out, handing Joe the race win. It was a well-earned and unlucky second place for Fred Tarrant, but what a race. Jack Barker crossed the line in third, closing off the podium spots, with Brad Price in fourth ahead of his friend, Anthony Green. Rianna Harris chipped away to a consistent sixth place, ahead of Joe and Allan Curnick. Jeremy Levick closed off the field as the last of the cars on the lead lap in a classic race to watch.

1000 Rookie Race Three

This race saw the order thrown in the air again as positions changed all over the grid. Joe Chilvers wasn’t playing that game and took the race win and the overall victory of the day from the front of the grid. It was a great day, so well done to Joe. Ant Green pushed back to more familiar territory, securing a solid second place to end the day, followed by Jack Barker in third. Fred Tarrant dropped off slightly but managed to secure fourth place in this fiercely competitive class, beating Sam Lloyd in fifth. Brad Price dropped down to sixth, with Joe and Allan Curnick being the last of the cars on the lead lap. What a session and what a day for this spectator-friendly class. Well done to everyone.

Overall Results 1000 Rookies

1st – Joe Chilvers #108 (Polaris RZR 1000)
2nd – Jack Barker #18 (Polaris RS1)
3rd – Fred Tarrant #68 (Polaris RS1)
Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Joe Chilvers
Clerks Driver of The Day – Joe Chilvers

This is one of the first times that all three podium places in the Rookie class have been taken by SXS Youth Graduates. Well done to everyone for trusting the process!

Group Three: 1000 Pro Class


Out came the big guns, and as always, they didn’t disappoint. This session was always set to be interesting as it’s never clear who will be in top form in any given session. This one didn’t disappoint, and William Buller was the man for the job, setting the fastest lap of the day on his last lap of the session. Louis McGuffog continued his progression in his new class, taking second place, ahead of Tom Fletcher in third. Robert Lloyd won his battle with George Hales for fourth place, beating Chris Place in fifth. Rio Longdon pushed hard and closed off the grid in seventh place.

Race One

This race was a textbook lesson in the use of the Joker Lane. William Buller looked to be flying at the front, but he couldn’t see what we could. Several cars behind him used the Joker, making it difficult to determine who was where. That was exactly the case, and when Buller used the Joker on the last lap, Louis McGuffog took the lead and the race one win. Tom Fletcher was next across the line, taking third place and besting George Hales in fourth. Rio Longdon stepped up to fifth, beating Chris Place in sixth. Robert Lloyd closed off the grid in an amazing race one.

Race Two

It almost didn’t seem possible, but history almost repeated itself. William Buller broke from the front again and put in fast laps to maintain the lead. Tom Fletcher also got to the front off the start and jokered early, once again leaving doubts as to who was where on the track. It looked like Tom had done enough when somehow a gap opened up big enough to allow William to use the Joker. He did just that and took the race win ahead of second-place Tom Fletcher. Louis McGuffog crossed the line in a solid third place, with Rio Longdon up again to fourth. Robert Lloyd and George Hales closed off the pack for race two. It was another great session.

Race Three

Race three didn’t disappoint as Europe’s best once again took to the dirt. William Buller broke from the front and didn’t look back, taking the race win and the overall victory of the day. Tom Fletcher again pushed hard, taking the second spot in both the session and the overall standings. George Hales stepped up, taking third place, with Robert Lloyd in fourth. This marked the end of the finishers and the conclusion of a great day of racing.

Overall Results 1000 Experts

1st – William Buller #32 (Polaris RS1)
2nd – Tom Fletcher #59 (Polaris RS1)
3rd – Louis McGuffog #24 (Polaris RS1)
Fastest Lap Bonus Point – William Buller
Clerks Driver of The Day – William Buller

What an amazing day of racing we pulled off, against all odds. A massive thank you to Paul Rowlands and the entire team at PAR Homes for their hospitality and constant support. Next up is Yorkshire. We have four more races to go. Let’s do this!

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