Sunshine & Showers – 2023 Polaris British SXS Racing Championship Round 2

Last weekend, the SXS Roadshow headed for Wales to a track that is always popular. Neuadd Farm MX has been a mainstay of the Championship for many years, and its popularity remains. The rolling nature of the land, coupled with the steep exhilarating hills, sets up great racing, and this weekend demonstrated this. The weather was perfect, the preparation was done, so it was time to go racing.

Session 1: Open Pro & Vets Class

Open Pro Qualifying

The Pro class is shaping up nicely this year, and this session was important as more names entered the mix. This mixed things up, but Paul Severn remained in the top spot. It’s great to see Paul finally having some luck go his way. Coupled with some great driving, he secured the pole position. William Buller entered the mix in this class for the first time and didn’t hang around; second was the best he could muster, but that’s a great achievement in an all-new class for the Northern Irishman. Adrian and Callum Loveridge stepped forward, recording their best result in a while, taking third place ahead of friend Shaun Jenkinson. A solid start to the weekend for the 6-car class. The grid for Race one was set.

Vets Qualifying

This is shaping up to be one of the most competitive classes in the Championship, and this weekend again proved it. Olly McGuffog shot to the front, beating friend and rival Nick Barker, but only by three tenths. Carl Day made his return from injury to take third place, a good result after a substantial absence. Mark Scotney had his first run out in an RS1, taking fourth, pinned to the same second as Richard Burke in fifth. Another competitive session saw the grid closed off by Simon Medlycott, Mike Proctor, and Graham Knight. Vets are good to go for Race 1.

Race 1

Open Pro

This session was all about the top four, as other cars used the session to shake out. Paul Severn broke clean off the line and didn’t look back, building a solid lead and managing it to the flag. A great session for the class leader and a strong start to the day. William Buller consolidated his second spot from qualifying, unable to close the gap on the leading car, but it was a solid performance. Shaun Jenkinson got the better of the battle for the minor places, taking third place from Adrian and Callum Loveridge in a well-managed race from both cars. It was a great first session for the pros, but there is work to be done to catch the front car.


The shift at the front was swift in this session as Nick Barker took the top spot from friend Olly McGuffog. There was great racing across the field, but the Barker car was gone, and the race win was his. Carl Day built on his positive return with a second-place finish, followed home by friend and rival Mark Scotney as the RS1 grew on him. Olly McGuffog dropped to fourth, chased in by Simon Medlycott, with Mike Proctor and Graham Knight closing off the field.

Race 2

Open Pro

This race was very much more of the same, proving that there is work to be done for some of the cars. Paul Severn again broke clean off the grid and built a commanding lead through the session. Another race win for the Pro Severn car, proving the pace we always knew was there. William Buller again pushed hard but couldn’t bridge the gap. It was another great session for William, but there is work to be done if the top spot is the goal

Shaun Jenkinson again secured third place, ahead of friend Adrian and Callum Loveridge, marking the last of the class-finishing cars. There is work to be done for this field.


Once again, the clean break proved valuable, and Nick Barker was able to make it count. He was clean off the grid and had a well-managed race, giving him the win and completing a clean sweep for the day. Mark Scotney stepped forward to second place, with Richard Burke getting the better of Henry Proctor in a grand old tussle for third and fourth. Mike Proctor remained consistent in fifth, and Graham Knight closed off the session in sixth.

Race 3

Open Pro

A start line shunt led to a drop in numbers for this session, but it was nevertheless an important one. Paul Severn took advantage of the situation and built his lead with another solid race win, taking session three and the overall victory. It was great work by Paul. Shaun Jenkinson again built on his day with another strong second-place finish, earning valuable points from a good weekend. Adrian and Callum Loveridge remained solid and made a long-awaited return to the podium. Well done to all.


Again, the start line dramas affected this last race, but opportunity knocked. Nick Barker finished the day strong with his third race win, giving him a clean sweep for the day. Mark Scotney stepped forward to second place, with only the third-place car of Graham Knight also seeing the checkered flag. It was another competitive weekend in this class, proving once again how close the competition could be. Great work by all.

Overall Results Open Pro

1st – Paul Severn #7 (Polaris Pro XP)

2nd – Shaun Jenkinson #70 (Polaris RS1)

3rd – Adrian/Callum Loveridge #17 (Polaris Pro XP)

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Paul Severn #7

Clerks Driver of The Day – Paul Severn #7

Session 2: 1000 & Open Rookies

1000 Rookie Qualifying

This class is obscenely tight, and the racing looks like it’s going to be fierce all year. This session again proved that. Tom Butterfield, making his first appearance of the year, took the top spot with some style, holding off Richy Scott in second. Anthony Green, just three tenths off, settled for third, followed by brother and sister Jess and Jack Barker, split by only six tenths. Rianna Harris crossed the line in sixth place, with Sam Lloyd just a second behind. Fred Tarrant, Harley McGuffog, and Jeremy Levick closed off the grid.

Open Rookie Qualifying

This class is small but will be closely contested for sure. Tom Welbourn took pole with a strong time, pulling almost two seconds on his closest rival. Nick Payne pushed but couldn’t catch the pole-sitting car, settling for second place. Joe Chilvers, in the only thousand in the class, took third place, closing off the compact grid for race one. Let’s go.

Race 1

1000 Rookies

Race one for the front three was more of the same, with Tom Butterfield holding off fierce competition to take the race win ahead of his closest rivals, Richy Scott and Anthony Green. Jess Barker got the better of the sibling battle, crossing the line fourth, beating Sam Lloyd in fifth. Brad Price stepped up to sixth after a scrap with Jeremy Levick throughout the session. Jack Barker was the last of the finishers in eighth place. It was a great session.

Open Rookies

Tom Welbourn started as he meant to go on, with a solid session win and a considerable

lead, giving him maximum points from race one. Joe Chilvers stepped forward to take second place, with Nick Payne suffering a mechanical DNF.

Race 2

1000 Rookie

The racing in this class was close, to say the least. Lap after lap, the top three battled it out. Tom Butterfield took the win, followed by Anthony Green in second and Richy Scott in third. Jess Barker continued to push, taking fourth place ahead of the other contender, Rianna Harris. Jack Barker showed progress, scoring a solid sixth place, ahead of more experienced drivers Sam Lloyd and Brad Price. Harley McGuffog, Jeremy Levick, and Fred Tarrant closed off the grid.

Open Rookies

Tom Welbourn once again dominated this session with a strong win, utilizing every ounce of power the car had to build a solid gap that none of his competitors could close. It was a great win for Tom, with rival Joe Chilvers securing second place. It was another good session with solid points for all the cars taking part.

Race 3

1000 Rookies

This is when the points really matter, and the battles are most fierce. Tom Butterfield fought hard and held the lead, capping off a great day for the youngster. Anthony Green again took second place, building on a consistent day. Jess Barker stepped up to third place, ahead of Rianna Harris, with Jack Barker making progress to fourth. It was a great day for all three of the NBC-supported cars. Harley McGuffog moved up to sixth place, while Brad Price and Jeremy Levick continued their battle for the minor placings. Richard Scott marked the last of the finishers in this fierce class.

Open Rookies

This session was very much about management. Tom Welbourn encountered mechanical problems late in the session while in a strong lead. Joe Chilvers stepped up to take the lead and the final win of the day, while Tom managed to cross the line in second place in the session, securing the overall win for the day. Well done to everyone.

Overall Results

1000 Rookies

1st – Tom Butterfield #315 (Polaris RS1)

2nd – Anthony Green #105 (Polaris RS1)

3rd – Richard Scott #112 (Polaris RS1)

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Tom Butterfield #315

Clerks Driver of The Day – Tom Butterfield #315

Open Rookies

1st – Tom Welbourn #74 (Polaris Pro XP)

2nd – Joe Chilvers #105 (Polaris RZR 1000)

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Tom Welbourn #74

Clerks Driver of The Day – Tom Welbourn #74

Session Three: 1000 Pro Class


This session, as always, was intense and a joy to watch. Kevin Haran set the mark, taking pole closely followed by William Buller in second, with only tenths separating them, as always. Louis McGuffog took to the track for his first time as a Pro and didn’t disappoint, crossing the line in third place. The rest of the field was a mix, with some young drivers outperforming their more experienced counterparts. Henry Proctor held off Robert Lloyd in fourth and fifth, while George Hales beat Tom Fletcher to sixth spot. Paul Severn, Lewis Scotney, and Chris Place closed off the field. The grid for Race one was set.

Race 1

Race one was a class performance from Kevin Haran. A strong start followed by consistently fast laps saw the number fifty-three car take the race win in style. William Buller held onto second place, taking the fastest lap and proving that race-winning pace is within his reach. Lewis Scotney made an impressive charge through the field to secure third place, pushing Louis McGuffog out of the podium positions. Robert Lloyd finished in fifth place, demonstrating consistency, while young gun Henry Proctor engaged in an exciting tussle with him. Chris Place took seventh, followed by George Hales in eighth and Tom Fletcher at the back of the pack. It was a thrilling Race 1.

Race 2

Race two provided a valuable lesson in strategic racing, particularly with regards to the joker lane. Kevin Haran had a flying start and looked secure in the lead. However, a well-timed Joker Lane maneuver from William Buller turned the tide, granting him the race win. It was a brilliant display of strategic racing from the Pros, with Buller claiming victory in Race 2. Louis McGuffog continued to impress, finishing in third place and building on his solid start to the weekend. Robert Lloyd’s consistency shone through once again, securing fourth place, followed by Lewis Scotney in fifth. George Hales, in sixth place, once again demonstrated his skill in competing against more experienced drivers in a session where lap times were tightly contested. Tom Fletcher and Henry Proctor engaged in a fierce battle, with Fletcher ultimately securing seventh place. The thunderstorm prompted a red flag, bringing an end to the competition for the thousand Pros. It was a great display of racing, and all participants should be commended.

Overall Results

1st – Kevin Haran #53 (Polaris RS1)

2nd – William Buller #32 (Polaris RS1)

3rd – Louis McGuffog #24 (Polaris RS1)

Clerks Driver of The Day – Louis McGuffog #24

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – William Buller #32

A special thank you goes out to everyone who made the event possible and to the dedicated staff working behind the scenes to ensure its success. Next stop: PAR Raceway! 😊

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