Profile of a Nora Champion – Wyatt Hopkins

The 2021 Nora Youth Inter British Flat Track Champion with the DTRA, Wyatt Hopkins is the latest rider to be profiled…

Age: 12

Where are you from? West Yorkshire

What type of sport do you race in? Flat Track

What bike do you ride?  KTM 85

What Championship did you win?  Youth Inters Flat Track Championship with the D.T.R.A

What was your toughest race in the championship? My toughest race was Greenfields T.T. This race was difficult because the track is different from the other tracks that I have ridden on due to there being right-hand turns and the track also contains a jump so it’s a lot different from the other tracks.

Who is the toughest rider you race against? It’s hard to say due to every track being different and different tracks suit different riders so I have to be at my best constantly due to everyone being good.

What was your best race on the way to the title? My best race is always Wales. It’s a half-mile track so you can really build up your speed that’s why I love it.

How does it feel to be the British Champion? I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved with the D.T.R.A. This is my 3rd year in a row of winning which is an amazing feeling for me.

What is your goal for 2022? My goal for 2022 is just to keep trying my best and enjoying what I’m doing and if i win them that’s always a bonus.

Who would you like to thank for their help? Firstly I would like to thank my family for everything they do for me. I would like to thank everybody from D.T.R.A who are always on hand to answer any questions and to help wherever they can. I would also like to thank Ben from Haulins Suspensions for always helping me with my suspension. I would like to thank MJMX of South Elmsall for always having my bike ready for every race. Lastly, I’d like to thank George Pickering of Greenfield’s who has always helped when he can with advice and the use of his tracks which are amazing to ride on. I would also like to add that his shop comes in very handy when riding and racing there.

Picture by Paul France

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