Profile of a Nora Champion – Tyler Griffiths

Tyler Griffiths is the latest Nora British Champion to be profiled after he won the Youth Junior class of the British Minibike Championship in 2022…

What type of sport do you race in?

I race in minibike champs and motocross

What bike do you ride?

I ride a bucci 140 and husqvarna 85

What Championship did you win?

Minibike British championship youth junior class

What was your toughest race in the championship?

I’d have to say round 2 at Apex was a tough day due to falling off on the start line and setting off dead last but managed to work my way through to 3rd, almost catching 2nd and 1st

Who was your biggest rival?

Olly Haynes #610 and Hugh Darley #99 for the championship however, I need to mention when jack brown turned up, he put up some good battles

What was your best race on the way to the title?

I’d have to say moto three at round 6 fatcats, I was running 2nd behind the SNR champ Harrison I tried to catch him and win the overall out of both groups, but that felt good being not too far behind the SNR champ

How does it feel to be NORA British Champion?

It feels amazing I’ve worked hard for this coming 2nd in 2021 I really wanted to make it happen this year, and I have.

What are your goals for 2023?

Become 2-time champion

Who would you like to thank for their help in 2022?

Team garageland uk
G&O Fencing
LMD vacuum excavation

Geoff for keeping the bike highly maintained and everything else he does,

My mum and dad for taking me to all the events,

Uncle Danny for all the tips throughout the year and checking the bike at races.

And everybody who has supported me personally and come to the events to support me even if you weren’t riding. #88 #278 #26 #44

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