Another champion with the DTRA is the latest to be profiled and that is Nora British Vintage Flat Track Champion Sean Kelly…

What type of sport do you race in and what bike do you ride?

I race in the Vintage two stroke class of the DTRA national championship, riding a 1973 Suzuki TS400 that has very few modifications to make it a flat track bike capable of winning the 2022 vintage 2 stroke class. This class is run alongside the vintage four strokes and also the evo class machines, years 75-80, but with separate finals to determine championship points.

What was your toughest race in the championship?

My toughest race was probably round 6 at Redcar, where the championship was still up for grabs, me and Danny Williams were side by side for three or four laps until a coming together where I broke a rib- I didn’t know at the time so we restarted the race at half race distance. Myself at the front and Danny from the back due to causing the spill. Unfortunately his bike was flooded and couldn’t finish the race, I came home with the win and the championship secured. This was by far the toughest race and Danny William 585 is by far my toughest rival. But Mike fisher on his Bultaco has the pace to beat us both on his day.

What was your best race on the way to the title?

My best race on the way to the title was the Greenfield TT, the track is amazing and it was the first race of the year. After snapping multiple foot pegs through the heats and lots of hard racing. I borrowed some new pegs that still bent in the final but managed to secure the win in a close race that was lots of fun and started the championship in the right direction.


How does it feel to be NORA National Champion?

It feels great to be the Nora national champion, all the hard work and prep that go into a race season came good, and after losing the championship by 1 point last year it was a bit of redemption for myself.

What are your goals for 2023?

My goals for 2023 are to retain the championship and build my bike stronger and faster; Danny and Mike both suffered a few mechanical issues this year and I’d like to run the championship again with everyone on their game.

Who would you like to thank for their help in 2022?

I’d like the thank my fiancé Rosie Free for coming to every race and being my number 1 pit crew and supporter, it made racing and the travel so much better. I’d also like to thank Victor Motorcycles of Bristol for the support and long list of parts and spares that kept my bike running strong, and Anthony and Anna who run the dtra for making it all possible for us to race.

Pictures by Braking Point Images and Ton Ton La Mitraille

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