Profile of a Nora Champion – Richard Webb

The latest Profile of a Nora Champion is with 46-year-old 1000cc Sidecar Speedway champion with Dirt Track events is Richard Webb…

Where are you from? Brightling, East Sussex.

What type of sport do you race in? 1000cc Right hand side car Speedway and Grasstrack.

What bike do you ride? Yamaha R1

What Championship did you win? 1000cc Sidecar Speedway

What was your toughest race in the championship? Peterborough rounds when we had mechanical, carburation and electrical problems with the bike. We still managed 2 x third places with a bike that was by far, underperforming.

Who was your biggest rival? Rob Wilson and Terry Saunters

What was your best race on the way to the title? The last round at Kings Lynn where we were unbeaten all day.

How does it feel to be British Champion? 2021 was my first full season as a speedway sidecar passenger so to become the Nora British Champion in this first year feels pretty amazing.

What are your goals for 2022? Obviously we would like to match our 2021 success on the speedway but we would like to carry the momentum of the speedway onto the grasstrack as well.

Who would you like to thank for their help? I would like to thank our mechanic Rob Elliott for all his hardwork and help in the pits, the changes that need to be made to the bike throughout the meetings to get optimum performance need to be made in a very short timeframe, without Rob’s help this would be very difficult. Also, I would like to thank all of our sponsors, who without their help, the racing season wouldn’t be possible.

Picture by Braking Point Images

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