Profile of a Nora Champion – Jack Evans

Our Nora CRS Development team rider Jack Evans is the latest Nora 92 Cup champion to be profiled…

What type of sport do you race in?


What bike do you ride?

KTM – just gone up onto a 125

What Championship did you win?

Nora Cup BW85, Cotswold Youth Club Championship BW85, AMCA Youth 85 Championship

What was your toughest race in the championship?

Nympsfield for the final round of the AMCA Championship. Going into the last race, I had a 9 point advantage from my rival, so I had to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes. The championship was not over until I had passed the chequered flag

Who was your biggest rival?

Sebby Moore, Will Turner and Wyatt McGreggor in the AMCA Championship

What was your best race on the way to the title?

Nora Cup at Marshfield- won all the BW races

How does it feel to be NORA Cup Champion?

Amazing- so pleased to have had such a great final year on the 85cc

What are your goals for 2023?

First year on the 125- looking to do well in all the championships I do and hopefully be on the box

Who would you like to thank for their help in 2022? Mum and Dad, EvenStrokes, Phoenix Tools, MRE Contracts, WCE, Xtreme Conversions, Tillit Suspension, Prospect Electrical, Asterisk, Just1, Arma



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