NORA Motorsport are working with NoraSport SupermotoLtd in 2021 to assist in the issue and distribution of licences and season memberships. Here you can purchase your annual licence and membership for £60.

If you are looking for more peace of mind you can upgrade you licence to the Advanced option and include some Personal Accident cover whilst you are competing, the extra cost for the inclusion of the cover is just £30!


£15.00 £90.00


Your NoraSport 2021 standard licence and membership, not including personal accident cover.

if you need any more information on the categories or restrictions then please contact the office on 08453 880992 or E Mail

When you race, practice or train  with an annual NORASPORT advanced licence and membership, you can take comfort in the fact that you have personal accident cover in place. With your licence, cover will in place across all forms of NORA permitted motorsport with NORASPORT. Below you will find a summary of the cover in place, for more information contact

Benefits What it means to you What you get
Death A lump-sum benefit to you if you die as the result of accidental bodily injury £10,000.00
Loss of sight in both eyes A lump-sum benefit to you if you permanently lose your sight or permanently lose, or lose the use of, a limb as the result of accidental bodily injury £20,000.00
Loss of sight in one eye £20,000.00
Loss of two limbs £20,000.00
Loss of one limb £20,000.00
Loss of sight in one eye and limb £20,000.00
Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) A lump-sum benefit to you if you are permanently disabled so you cannot carry on in any occupation as the result of accidental bodily injury. £30,000.00
Paraplegia Up to £50,000
Quadraplegia Up to £100,000
*Hospitalisation For those extended stays in hospital £75 per day up to 365 days
*Physiotherapy To help get you back on your feet. Up to £350.00
*Relocation Expenses Don’t get stranded away from home. Up to £10,000
Temporary Total Disablement A weekly benefit to you if you are disabled so you cannot carry on in your occupation as the result of accidental bodily injury. £50
per week for up to 52 weeks from the date you first became disabled
Bone Fracture   £300.00*
* + extra benefits fully detailed with your licence
What is not covered?

You taking part in any occupation, sport or pastime of a hazardous nature other than your motorsports activities. You engaging in or taking part in armed forces service or operations. You engaging in flying of any kind other than as a passenger. Your suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-injury. Your deliberate exposure to exceptional danger (except in an attempt to save human life). Your own criminal act. You being under the influence of alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed for you by a qualified medical practitioner) or treatment for drug addiction. Terrorism, War or Radioactive contamination. AIDS or Illness of any kind. Claims arising out of any existing medical conditions for which you have received treatment. We will not pay for any claim for the first 42 days of each Temporary Total Disablement claim. We will not pay more than 70% of your gross weekly earnings

*Bone Fracture cover is dependent upon the bone broken

**Personal Accident Insurance is NOT included with practice or one event licences

As always, NoraSport will have their family membership available. In order to take advantage of the family membership please contact David at NoraSport and you will receive a Family Membership coupon code which you can use to obtain your family discount.

If yo are intending to fdo Individual rounds of the series you can purchase a one event licence and memberhsip for a reduced price of £15 per event. This does not include any personal accident insurance cover.

Select the singe event licence option and the event that you are intending to race.