NORA Motorsport & CRS launch new Youth & Amateur Motocross Development programme!

Nora Motorsport is proud to announce that alongside Coach Robb and a number of Industry partners, they are launching their new Nora CRS Development programme to support and develop young and emerging motocross talent in the UK.

Roy Barton, director of NORA Motorsport, has long since wanted to introduce a youth & amateur development programme through the organisation. Roy started something similar alongside Mark Hucklebridge back in the early 2000’s when a change in job brought the project to a close. Since then he has been looking at ways to make a positive difference to riders, outside of their normal coaching and team set ups.

Following an introduction to Coach Robb, through a speedway promoter early in 2022, it was soon evident that both Roy and Robb share a passion and vision for the development of youth and amateur riders. Coach Robb has been working with motorsport athletes in the United States for over 14 years and can boast a good amount of success, not only with having worked with such riders as Jeremy Martin, Ryan Dungey and Adam Cianciarulo but has also seen a rider that he has worked with since starting on a 65cc, recently turn Pro!

CRS currently run three US teams from Factory to Development as well as two in Australia and New Zealand. Following a whistle stop tour in 2022, CRS and Coach Robb have now teamed up with Roy and NORA to introduce the Program in the UK and Europe. Since first agreeing on the partnership, the ideas have developed and evolved over time to determine the UK Team structure. It was agreed that the offer of membership would go to riders from the MX Masterkids and NORA92 Cup 2022 events. These riders will now become two UK teams known as the CRS NORA Elite and Factory teams.

So what is it all about?

Well, the idea is to work with the riders to improve their performance in ways that not many others are, through analysis and implementation of physicality, wellness, nutrition and mental limiters. It all sounds a bit out there but the system has been proven and we want it to be available through the program to a select batch of up to 15 riders. It all begins with each rider undergoing an assessment through a body and nutritional plan. The information received for each rider will then be analysed to provide bespoke plans for each individual rider to suit them, their make up and their lifestyle.

Furthermore, as we go into the new season, each rider’s plan will evolve to work around their schedule for the seasons racing. A season that will include the MX Masterkids and NORA92 Cup and hopefully the Bridgestone Masters series. To top all of this off there will be a weekly conference call with Coach Robb, live from the States, to discuss any questions that the riders or parents may have. Other aspects about the Psychology of racing will also be discussed, as an example a meeting may include:

➢ Your Questions:
➢ Evaluating Stress & It’s Negative Effects on Performance:
➢ Evaluating Sleep & Improved Sprint Speeds and Endurance

The goal at the end of all of this is to give the UK riders something that has been missing from UK Motocross for too long! The chance to be part of a development program that will help them become better racers and athletes with a long term future that could hopefully see them competing on the world stage! This is not a quick fix program and requires a lot of hard work from all concerned:

➢ The Riders
➢ The Coaches
➢ The Team Staff
➢ The Parents
➢ The Partners


Providing all of the above for up to 15 riders quite clearly takes a large budget, the majority of which is supplied by Complete Racing Solutions alongside NORA Motorsport. Over the years the teams across the US, NZ and Aus have developed a working relationship with a number of partners who are happy to support the UK and EU teams. Partners such as Garmin, offering discounts on Fit Watches, essential in the analysis of riders. Dunlop with assistance on Tyres, Frosted Paint with their unique helmet designs, D’Cor visuals, Whiskey Throttle Media amongst others. The aim for us it to assist as much as possible with lessening the cost to parents and riders by arranging product discounts and performance bonuses, exclusive to the teams. For riders without a clothing deal for 2023, we have arranged a deal with T Dub, the clothing company owned by Pro Rider Todd Waters, supplying kit in the team livery.

Working as a Partner With the teams based out of the UK, we are keen to build relationships with UK based suppliers and sponsors, we have already got verbal agreements in place with Garmin, TDUB Racewear, Race FX, Moto Verde, Muscle Doctor, DEP Pipes, Moto Base and Sports Insure.

To build this project into the future we need to add to this list and we hope that you can share our vision and be a part of the program going forward. As a partner you will be promoted as part of the team throughout the year in press releases, on the race clothing, on paddock clothing, on social media and on the Team and Main areas of the NORA website.

The below riders have been confirmed for 2023:

Elite Team

Charley Wilcock

Factory Team

Jack Evans
Tom Butler
Ollie Bubb
Lewis Bethell


To find out more about the project and how you can get involved, please make contact with us and we will be pleased to talk you through all that we have planned.


Phone: 08453 880992

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