Nora Motorsport and Motobase form a partnership!

Nora Motorsport is delighted to announce that they have formed a partnership with Motobase, with 2023 Licence Holders receiving discounts on the company’s packages and products.

Motobase is a national dirt bike database which has been set up to tackle theft and the resale of stolen dirt bikes in the motocross and off-road community.

Registering ownership of your dirt bike with Motobase allows businesses and buyers to check the legitimacy of a bike before purchasing.

The partnership allows Full Nora License Holders a 25% discount code to use on the Motobase website, while One Day Membership Card Holders will receive a 5% discount code.

The discount codes can be used across all three of the Motobase membership packages.

This will be for all 2023 licence holders, and licences will launch on November 1st.

Andy Watts of Nora Motorsport said of the partnership, “We are really pleased to be working with Motobase. Off-Road Motorcycle theft is sadly on the rise, and we feel any way we can try to combat that is positive for our members and our sport. The Motobase team are getting fully behind all aspects of our operation in 2023, including supporting our Team Event, MX Master Kids and MX Master Vets meetings, and our Development teams. We thank them for their support.”

Motobase, which was formed by Jack Davies, Dylan Evans and Jack Annetts, will be sponsoring the NORA CRS Youth and Amateur Development Team by supplying each team rider with a free Motobase membership.

“We are delighted that the team at NORA Motorsport have seen the potential in our work at Motobase,” said Jack Davies. “It’s refreshing to know that such a reputable organisation want to help tackle the growing issue of dirtbike theft. We thank Nora Motorsport for supporting us in protecting their riders from theft and resale of their bikes. We’re here to help.”

For more information on Motobase, go to

2023 Nora Licences are being launched on the 1st November 2022.

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