You can use the first link below to access and download the letter that we have produced for you to use when enganing with your loacl authority ahead of event, practice and training Sesisons
LETTER TO LOCAL AUTHORITIES (PDF Download) – 24.03.2021 View Letter in new tab

Use the links below to access the latest information with regards to running Race, Practice and Training Events under a NORA 92 RTA Permit

The planned release of new restrictions that was due on June 21st has been delayed, potentially to 19th July.

Updates below from previous statements are with regard to competitors from outside of the UK.

Main changes from the May update included:

  • Allowance of overnight stays
  • Persons can meet in grous of six from any households
  • Face coverings only worn where 2m distancing cannot be maintained

LATEST METHOD STATEMENT (PDF Download) – 15.06.2021             View Statement in new tab

LATEST METHOD STATEMENT (Editable) – 15.06.2021                          View Editable Statement

LATEST RISK ASSESSMENT (PDF DOWNLOAD)- 18.05.2021                 View Assessment in new tab

LATEST RISK ASSESSMENT (Editable) – 18.05.2021                                    View Editable Assessment

RULES FOR ATTENDEES AT NORA 92 EVENTS – 17.05.2021                View Rules in new tab

Please note that the editable versions of the above documentation should only be downloaded and amended by authorised club admins and remains copyright to NORA 92 Limited at all times. No documentation should be shared for use by clubs outside of NORA 92 Limited as the content may not be relevent.




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