Famous Mablethorpe Sandracing is back!

Mablethorpe Sandracing has been running race meetings for over 40 years, but none have taken place in the last two years. It has looked as though the club wasn’t going to start up again, but George Pickering and Steve Nicholls have taken on the running of the club and are looking forward to getting things up and running again.

The racing takes place on the main beach in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, just North of Skegness. The races are held on a large oval track, approximately ½ mile in length.

The club offers lots of different classes you can race in, including the popular motocross classes.

To find out more about the classes follow this link – https://mablethorpesandracing.co.uk/classes/

Entries have opened for two non-championship race meetings in March with Mablethorpe Sandracing! These will take place Sunday 6th March and Sunday 20th March.

Then a full championship race season will start in October 2022 running through to 2023.

Before racing you must register with the club, become a member and choose your race number, you can do this here – https://mablethorpesandracing.co.uk/product-category/club-membership-rider-numbers/

Mablethorpe Sandracing is being run under Nora92 regulations, so you must have a race license with them. Day licenses will also be available to purchase when singing on.

Sign on is online through Nora92, to enter a race follow this link – https://nora92.com/event/mablethorpe-sand-racing/

Picture by Braking Point Images

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