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04/08/2023 @ 08:00 - 06/08/2023 @ 17:00


King of Britain 2023 – Walters Arena, Glynneath, South Wales


King of Britain 2023 will be part of the 2023 British Championship where all three rounds count and part of the 2023 European Championship where 4 out of 5 European events from the season count towards the European Championship.

King of Poland

Rally Breslau

King of Britain

King of France

King of Portugal

King of Britain 2023 4-6 Aug 2023

This event, held at one of the most iconic locations in Europe, is known and feared for an arduous, punishing terrain, combined with often treacherous weather conditions. This event will continue to be a test of endurance where teams will run multiple laps of a long course – laps to be completed within a tight timeframe. Teams will have to manage their laps against the clock, have access to a live pit area, but must attempt the number of laps specified. Different classes will have different terrain to race over, using bypass loops depending on vehicle types. ALL teams will race together, 30 sec intervals starting 2 vehicles at a time, based on qualifying times.

There will be an opportunity to Pre-Run the course on Friday, 4 Aug, 23 and the qualifying event, straight after, will take a different format from previous events where teams will have access to a separate qualifying course.

Entries for this event will open 01 Feb 23  –and an entry will have to be fully paid before it is accepted as an entry.

Access to the site will be possible from 0900 hrs on Thurs 3 Aug 23.

Full timings, site mapping, specific course and event schedule details will follow in Driver Confirmation email, sent out to all registered drivers 6 weeks prior to event.

Admin pit area close to the race course, showers, toilets and food vendor – we are also hoping to encourage a sponsors area – new for 2023 – where sponsors can promote their products and services whilst also providing some support to race teams.


Overall prize Money

All classes – 1st place – £500 2nd place – £250 , 3rd place – £125.00

A minimum of 3 cars to make a class count – ULTRA4EUROPE reserve the right to combine classes if class entry size is below 3 cars.

Qualifying Prize

Fastest car per class on qualifying prize

Day 1 Prize

Fastest / highest placed Team per class, based on Race Day 1 results

Day 2 Prize

Fastest/ highest placed Team per class, based on Day 2 results


Entries for this event will open 01 Feb 23  and an entry will have to be fully paid before it is accepted as an entry.

Entry fees are discounted to price shown below until 30 days prior to the event. Within 30 days of the event, entry fees will rise to a higher rate.

UNLIMITED CLASS – Before 30 days from event £495 – Within 30 days from event – £600

LEGEND/ MODIFIED/WINCH RALLY RAID/UTV and  STOCK – Before 30 days from event – £465 – Within 30 days from event – £555

Refunds Under circumstances of Teams having to cancel their entries, a 75% refund will be issued,  up to 30 days prior to an event start date. A formal request to cancel entry must be received from Teams wishing to cancel their entry.

ULTRA4EUROPE reserves the right to cancel an event within 30 days of event start date and will issue a Full Refund to all registered entries.



This is the lastest Event information for the third event in the European Championship Series and the 2nd round of the British Championship run by Ultra4Europe – King of Britain (KOB) – to be held at Walters Arena, Glynneath over the period 04-06 Aug 2023.

Hopefully this document will give competitors and Service Crews the basic information you will need to get you to the venue and get set up ready to take part in the event. In the case of needing any further information that is specific to your own Team, please contact either Lee Craighead or Chris Bowler at the contact details at the end of this document.


Event Location and full address:

ADDRESS:   Walters Arena, Maes y Gwyn Windfarm, Intervalley Road, Glynneath, SA10 9LR:

WHAT3WORDS co ordinates:  – flagging.club.limp


There will be portaloos on site, planning to be a shower unit but THERE IS NO RUNNING WATER ON SITE. If you need water for washing vehicles, we strongly suggest you plan to bring sufficient water.

There will also be catering facilities / burger van available at reasonable prices. There will be a Team Fireside Social on the Saturday evening – all Driver/ Co drivers/ Teams welcome.

Local Town Facilities – (WHAT3WORDS locations):

fuel station – ESSO Garage in Glynneath – radiated.flute.rested

Supermarket – Co Op – Glynneath  surgical.flippers.slowly

Pub/Restaurent/Hotel – Flag and Lamb, Glynneath  – client.speedy.cuddling

Campsite/pub – The Ancient Briton Pub – corrupted.reserch.unite

Hotel/ pub – The Abercrave  – ranked.advantage.sigh

Event catering

There will be a catering van on site from Friday 04  – Sunday 06 Aug 23 and hoping to arrange for a pizza Oven from 4-10pm on Saturday 05 Aug 23, during the prep and running of the Saturday evening event.


Event Schedule

The event schedule is set out below: (This schedule is subject to change and details of any changes will be published at Race Registration and at www.ultra4europe.com

TUES 01/WED 02 AUG  23

Org Team arrive on site.

Start course build and set up admin area.



0830-1800 – continue course build and set admin area.

From 1200hrs – Competing teams commence arrival on site

1200- 1800hrs – Registration and Tech inspection opens



0830-1300hrs – continue course building

0830-1430 hrs – Registration, Tech Inspection and Media open

1100-1200hrs – Driver, Media, Marshal briefings

1230 – 1500hrs – Final course preparation and Pre running – (2.5 hrs)

1530-1600hrs – Qualification course available for walking

1600hrs – Qualifying line up

1630- 1930hrs – KOB Qualifying  Event – (3 hrs)

1930hrs – course closed.



0745 – 0900hrs – Marshal Brief and deploy to course locations.

0900 hrs – Main race 1 – Team line up and Media

0930 – 1430hrs – MAIN RACE DAY 1 – all classes, set time, set no of laps. – (5 hours/ 4 laps)

1430 – 1730hrs – Admin break for all teams and course repairs.

1800 – 1930hrs – SUPER SPRINT EVENT Individual fastest time on a short course.

1930hrs – course closed.



0800-1000hrs – JUNIOR 170 Race – adjacent to Main pit area

0930-1015hrs  – Marshal brief and deploy marshals to course locations

1000 hrs – Raceday 2 Line up and Media

1030- 1430hrs – MAIN RACEDAY 2 – all classes, set time, set no of laps – (4 hours/ 3 laps)

1430hrs – Course closed – all team vehicles removed from course area

1430-1530hrs – remove course equipment

1530 hrs – KOB prize giving

Event Format

The event is an endurance based format with all U4 classes racing at same time on a similar course. The main course will be for 4400/ Legend, Modified and Winch Rally Raid, a slightly modified and shorter course using by pass sections will be available for STOCK/ UTV. Winch Rally Raid vehicles will also be given a more technical route at certain parts of the main course. Cars will depart startline in pairs at 30 sec between pairs.

The main race event will be divided into 2 competitive sessions, 1 on the Saturday and 1 on the Sunday.

Prologue/ Qualifying

All Teams will take part in a 3 hour qualifying event as per the schedule, the result of which will give them a start position for Raceday 1. This qualifying event will allow teams to complete as many laps as they need to get their best time. More details of this qualifying event will be given in the Driver Briefing, as per the schedule.

Raceday 1

All Teams will have a 5 hour window to achieve a set number of laps in that time – 4 laps – start order based on results from Qualifying. The aim is to get the fastest time to complete all 4 laps in the 5 hour race time window.


All teams a chance to gain additional count with a short, technical lap with vehicles running in pairs off a common start line around a course of approx. 2 kms long. Results from the Super Sprint will not count towards the final results for King of Britain but will earn teams additional points towards the British and European Championships standings. There

Raceday 2

All Teams will have 4 hours to complete 3 laps in that time. Start order will be based on finishing order of Main Race Day 1. The aim is to get the fastest time to complete all 3 laps in the 4 hour race time window.


The venue will be open for competitors to access from 1200 hrs on Thurs 03 Aug 23. On arrival, all Teams must report to Event HQ and be guided to campsite/ pit area. Once in location, teams must book in at Registration as soon as possible and receive relevant documentation for the event.

Each team will be allocated an approx 12×12 metre area in the paddock for pits, parking and camping. All of your team’s vehicles and equipment must be contained within your area. Any additional vehicles which cannot be accommodated in your area must be parked in the public car park at the entrance to the venue. The entrant assumes all responsibility for the actions and behaviour of those occupying their paddock area. The organisers accept no responsibility for security on the site. All roads through the paddock must be kept clear at all times.

If Teams are planning to share pit space, they must ensure that the arrive at a similar time to be loaded into the pit area.

There must be no vehicle testing or speeding in the Camping Area, Car Parks or on the Site Access Road.

The following rules apply to the paddock:

Parking & pits areas: 5 mph speed limit for all vehicles at all times

No motorbikes, pit bikes or quad bikes without rider wearing helmets.

All dogs to be kept on leads and under control. All dog mess to be removed from site by owners.

All children to be kept under close control

Fires / Grounded BBQ’s – firepits contained and under control at all times.

No generators or loud music after Midnight

All vehicle servicing to take place on an impermeable groundsheet

All fluids to be contained and removed

All rubbish to be removed completely from site.


Team signing on. Tech and Driver Briefings

All competing crews will be required to complete documentation and licence information at the Event Registration Area shown in the plan above. Driver and co-driver must both Sign-On at Registration.   Team driver/ co driver will need to present/ confirm the following documents:

Drivers/ Co Driver License NORA 92 Competition License (these can be purchased at the event).

Event payment and entry details.

Event registration confirmation and/ or entry details/ late entry on the day can be found here:


All competing vehicles will be subject to safety checks which will be carried out at the Tech Area shown in the plan above. A typical Tech Sheet showing the things that will be checked can be found at





Once signed on and tech inspected, you will be given wristbands which must be worn at all times during the event.

Teams are responsible for ensuring they get a timing transponder fitted to their vehicle. Transponder are charged at £25/event as part of the entry fee or can be purchased as an outright purchase from NORA 92. Transponders must be fitted to the vehicle, in such a location that it has a direct line of sight from mounting position to the ground. Transponders can be tested at the start line once timing keepers are set up.

The Driver briefings will be held as per the schedule above at the Registration/ Event HQ location. Some basic race procedure information is shown below but specific information for the course and event format will be confirmed at the briefing.


Pre Running and recce of Course – The course will be available for Pre running, as per the Event schedule,  Pre running enables drivers to practice the course, work out course route and plan race strategy. The following rules for Pre Running apply:

Crews must be wearing all safety equipment as per the ULTRA4 EUROPE Tech Regulations 2023, –  https://www.ultra4europe.com/rulebook

be harnessed into the vehicle as if ready for racing.

Maximum speed during Pre running – 25mp/h

Teams can join the course at the START LINE area and must follow the course in the race     direction.

Roving Marshals will be located along course.

Further info on Pre running at Driver Briefing.

Course Markings

Qualifying/ Prologue course is marked using WHITE arrows and white boundary tape

Main Race Course is marked using ORANGE arrows and white boundary tape.

STOCK/ UTV BYPASS course is marked using BLUE arrows and white boundary tape.

WINCH RALLY RAID course marked using GREEN arrows and white boundary tape.


All competing teams must wear helmet, Frontal Head Restraint, gloves, race fire suit, harnesses and have door nets fitted correctly whenever competing on race or during Pre Running. All competing vehicles must have passed Tech Inspection prior to competing.


ULTRA4 EUROPE use the following flags system:

GREEN Flag denotes race start or GO.

YELLOW Flag denotes slow down, drive with caution, no overtaking and follow marshal directions.

RED FLAG denotes STOP immediately, do not overtake vehicle in-front and wait for marshal directions.

CHEQERED FLAG denotes race or heat over, slow down and return to Admin area/ follow marshal instructions.

SOS Boards

U4E uses the following safety system whilst vehicles are on live course to swiftly deal with emergencies on course:

If at anytime a Team has to stop on course during a race for a safety/ emergency reason they must deploy SOS board, visible from the course direction towards that vehicle to alert other driver’s that there is a need for help. First team on scene must STOP and assist. Second Team on scene must get vehicle No, crew name and status and drive to next Marshal location and alert Race Ops of the situation.

If at anytime a Team has to stop for a non emergency reason, they must deploy a OK board on rear of the vehicle in full view of following vehicles. When seen by other teams, there is no requirement to stop and assist.


Marshals and Recovery

There will be marshal locations are various locations on course. They are eyes and ears for Race Ops but also the easiest and quickest way for a Team to request assistance. Please follow all marshal directions and decisions.

Recovery will be on hand to remove vehicles stuck, broken down, if needing assistance to return to admin area. This will be controlled by Race Ops. Any vehicle using recovery will be deemed as to have had outside assistance. The lap this has occurred on will be voided from the Team lap count.


Campsite safety

All Teams must be aware of the fire risks associated with Motorsport and the close proximity of Team campsites co located. All Teams must ensure the following withing their camping area

Make sure area is kept tidy and free from unnecessary clutter.

Keep all flammable containers tightly sealed and ideally in 1 location withing the camp area.

Teams must have at least 1 fire extinguisher within their camping area 24 hours a day,  readily available and its location known to all Team members.

All Team members must have access to a torch at night time so that in the event of a fire anywhere on the camping area, they have sufficient light to escape the location, should they need to do so.

Please respect the location where we are guests at:

Dispose of all litter and rubbish correctly.

Leave your admin pit location as you found it.

Camp fires must be kept to a minimum size and BBQ areas controlled correctly.

Please keep noise to a minimum during the hours 0001-0700hrs.

Dogs are allowed on the location but dog owners must keep dogs on a lead and are responsible for clearing any dog mess and removing it from site.


Chris Bowler – ULTRA4EUROPE Director – 00447989966740 – chris@ultra4europe.com

Lee Craighead – ULTRA4EUROPE Director —  00447770802599   – Lee@ultra4europe.com


04/08/2023 @ 08:00
06/08/2023 @ 17:00


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Glynneath,SA10 9LWUnited Kingdom+ Google Map
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