Cumbria MX Club Championship Rounds 1 & 2 – Race Report and Results

Early season races in Cumbria have always brought massive turnouts, previously to Brampton and the now sadly lost Low Gelt track, and now to Route44 Haverigg. However, we seldom see entries of over 300 which amassed on Beach side for Rounds 1 and 2 of the Cumbria Mx Club Championships.

Autos were first up to sample the Cumbrian sand on Saturday. A very impressive winner with maximum points was Tommy Wood showing speed and style and lap times that would place in the top 8 in the 65s this kid is defiantly one to watch. Second overall going 4-22 was Finlee Pope and the consistent Tucker Moffat only missing out on second by following Pope home in Moto 3.

Massive respect out to these Auto racers especially during Motos 2 and 3 as the track got brutal, even more impressive being some rider’s first race meeting, which can only bode well for the future.

Another full gate lined up in the 65s class, and it went down to a last Moto shoot-out between Harley Marzak and Leo Wilson with the latter taking the win and the top podium step. Frankie Anderson completes the podium level on points with the unfortunate Finley Cookson who went 2-2-11 to miss out on final moto result.

Sonny Rooney was the one to beat in the Small Wheel class, although Local rider Finley Pickering did take the Moto 2 win in impressive fashion. Frankie Judd came home third all be it level on points with Oliver Watson.

In the Big Wheel class, eventual winner was Jake Walker and one to watch as the Youth Nationals kick off next weekend as will second place and top Female racer Lucy Barker going 2-2-2. Haverigg regular Owen Kenningly came home solid in third, points that will no doubt set him up for another crack at the Club Championship as the season progresses.

There was once again a decent turnout from over the water in Northern Ireland, one of them in Cole McCullough took maximum points in the youth class making the trip a worthwhile one. Arai Elcock was second and an impressive return in third for West Cumbrian Robbie Park.

Now, for this season the ‘Overs’ class is split into 3 separate Championships, Over 30 40 and 50. The Over 30 went to Ben Hughes who went 3-1-1, Michael Graham followed closely behind in second with local Ben Southward in third. Chris Elcock was the over 40s winner ahead of Scotlands John Carruthers and Dave Langtree in third. Maximum man in the over 50s was Ian Wilson, Michael Johnston came second and Steve Howes in third.

Saturday only racer Charlie Whitlow went 1-2-2 to win the Under 30 C class ahead of Marshal Halstead despite Marshal winning Motos 2 and 3. George Pickford completed the podium.

It’s very rare we see a full B class but awesome to see it was. Getting some practice in for the Acerbis Nationals and the Haverigg round in May and taking the W was Matt Hockenhull and a 1-3-1 scorecard, Chris Neesam was second with Joe Smith completing the podium.

Another stacked A class was last up, including a sunset final moto on Saturday. Brad Anderson on his Honda took maximum points words we may hear quite often this year as he takes a step back from British Championship racing, great for the kids to watch and learn from at club level. Glenn McCormick followed home in second with Callum Mitchell in third.

Sunday came and another Beautiful Cumbria day greeted the full paddock, although the low sun made safe racing difficult so the tough decision was made to cancel the last block of racing. After 2 sighting laps it was straight to the start line for the Autos.

It was very much a similar story to Saturday with maximum points for Tommy Wood followed by Finlee pope and Tucker Moffat again, it will be interesting to see where these lads finish up qualifying for the British Auto Championship with the old school qualifying through your club making a welcome return, will no doubt help club racing.

Another Maximum for Leo Wilson in the 65s class with Arthur Moore just piping Harley Marzak to second place with an impressive second place in moto2.

Robbie Scott had a quiet day on Saturday in the Small Wheels, but 2 good starts and 2 wins gave the Scot the Win for the day. Sonny Rooney had to make do with second overall ahead of Bobby Burns another who improved from Saturday’s result, well done lads.
Jake Walker added another 2 wins to his weekend scorecard on Sunday, mirroring the top 3 from the previous day was Lucy Barker in second and Owen Kenningley third.

James Barker was at the British GP last weekend and had a spin in the A class on Saturday coming home a decent 16th place, but decided on the Youth class Sunday and took 2 wins in the process. Cole McCullough was so unlucky in Moto 1 not to take the win following a great hunt down of Barker however, an unfortunate mistake made the task just too hard. Arai Elcock was third just behind McCullough on moto2 score.
Harry Pickford took the honours in the Over 30s class followed by Saturday winner Ben Hughes and Roy Townley third. The Over 40s on My Laps has Gav as the winner ahead of John Carruthers and Chris Elcock. Ian Wilson won the over 50s from Steve Howes and Factory Suzuki rider Michael Johnston

There is some serious speed in the Under 30 class, George Pickford took Sunday’s win, second was Marshal Halsted and a brilliant result for local Daniel Logan in third place.

The B class once again went to Matt Hockenhull solid going 2-1, Harry Foster couldn’t ack up a Moto1 win in the second moto, Stu Owen came third overall but again could have been more had it not been for a moto1 5th.

With Brad Anderson and Jamie Law both sitting out Sunday on Dad duties, it was over to Glenn McCormick to take maximum points on the tough track and so many wheels through it this weekend. Callum Mitchel is always solid on this track as proved over the past 2 years. Jordan McCaw from Northern Ireland showed great pace to complete the podium and make the long trip home.


Round 1 Saturday 5th March 2022

Autos 1 Tommy Wood 2 Finlee Pope 3 Tucker Moffat 4 Bryon Wheldon 5 Alfie Whittaker

65s 1 Leo Wilson 2 Harley Marzak 3 Frankie Anderson 4 Finley Cookson 5 Brooklyn Tinkler

S/W 1 Sonny Rooney 2 Finley Pickering 3 Frankie Judd 4 Oliver Wilson 5 Leo Self

B/W 1 Jake Walker 2 Lucy Barker 3 Owen Kenningley 4 Sebby Moore 5 Robbie McCullough

Youth 1 Cole McCullough 2 Arai Elcock 3 Robbie Park 4 Charlie Henderson 5 Ricky Barstow

Over30. 1 Ben Hughes 2 Michael Graham 3 Ben Southward 4 Dean Sewell 5 Roy Townley

Over 40s 1 Chris Elcock 2 John Carruthers 3 Dave Langree 4 Mike Charlton 5 Gav Lowes

Over 50s 1 Ian Wilson 2 Michael Johnston 3 Steve Howes 4 Shaun Williamson 5 Colin Berry

Under30s 1 Charlie Whitlow 2 Marshal Halstead 3 George Pickford 4 Sam Holding 5 Daniel Logan

Bs 1 Matt Hockenhull 2 Chris Neesam 3 Joe Smith 4 Michael Graham 5 Stu Owen

A’s 1 Brad Anderson 2 Glenn McCormick 3 Callum Mitchel 4 Jamie Law 5 Jordan McCaw

Round 2 Sunday 6th March 2022

Autos 1 Tommy Wood 2 Tucker Moffat 3 Finlee Pope 4 Byron Wheldon 5 Alfie Whittaker

65s 1 Leo Wilson 2 Arthur Moore 3 Harley Marzak 4 Zack Rutherford 5 Frankie Anderson

S/W 1 Robbie Scott 2 Sonny Rooney 3 Bobby Burns 4 Oliver Watson 5 Hayden Gibson

B/W 1 Jake Walker 2 Lucy Barker 3 Owen Kenningley 4 Bailey Mitchell 5 Libby Chatburn

Youth 1 James Barker 2 Cole McCullough 3 Arai Elcock 4 Robbie Park 5 Grace Richards

Over30 1 Harry Pickford 2 Ben Hughes 3 Roy Townley 4 Dean Sewell 5 Ben Fletcher

Over40 1 Gav 2 John Carruthers 3 Chris Elcock 4 Dave Langtree 5 Martin Telford

Over50s 1 Ian Wilson 2 Steve Howes 3 Michael Johnston 4 Stephen Humphries 5 Neil Pringle

Under 30 1 George Pickford 2 Marshal Halstead 3 Daniel Logan 4 Brad Wright 5 Dane Thompson

Bs 1 Matt Hockenhull 2 Harry Foster 3 Stu Owen 4 Michael Graham 5 Adam Pierce

A’s 1 Glenn McCormick 2 Callum Mitchel 3 Jordan McCaw 4 Rob Clitheroe 5 Jake Preston

Report and images courtesy of Peter Bell Photography

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