COVID-19. Return to Racing Organisers Q&A

NORA Motorsport is hoping to return to racing as of 1st of July, this date is fully dependent upon guidance from Government and its departments. We all hope that there is no second spike in the spread of the Virus but this could have a massive effect upon our plans. Below we have tried to give some answers to questions that we are being asked.

Keeping you and your competitors safe is our main focus.

Last update – 29th May 2020

When can we get our permit?

We advise that you apply as soon as you know when and where you plan to run. From your new web log in you can apply directly and we will send through the necessary paperwork to you. All permits will be valid subject to organisers complying with our guidance on COVID-19 and its containment

Can we run multiday events?

It is possible to run multiple days events, however, until such time as the Government announce the opening of camp sites it is unlikely that overnight camping will be allowed. This may mean running separate classes on each day rather than all classes over more than one day, with the site being cleared overnight. We are hoping and expecting the restriction to be lifted on or around 1st July.

Will competitor numbers be restricted?

We are currently restricting numbers of attendees at practice and training sessions, we are expecting to raise the allowed number in the coming weeks. For race events, as of 1st July, the numbers will be restricted by the ability to safely maintain social distancing within the site.

Will my family be able to attend the event with me?

There will initially be restrictions on attendance at events, for adult competitors it is expected that they will be able to attend an event with one other person, youth riders (under 18 years) will be able to attend with two adults. Government guidance at the time of the event must be adhered to, as it stands those arriving in a vehicle must reside at the same residence. Competitors attending the event must arrive on site with one vehicle only.

Can anybody attend the event?

No, the events will not be open to spectators.

Any person that is of high risk as determined by the Government, has been tested positive for or experiencing symptoms of the Virus within 14 days of the event must NOT attend the event.

How will pre-event documentation be carried out?

We strongly recommend that you use a system that allows competitors to book in to your events online, NORA Motorsport have developed a system that you can use to do this, you can create and set the event so that payment is taken at the time of booking if you wish, the system will also allow riders to complete and pay for a one event licence at the time of booking in. Each booked in rider will receive an E Ticket with a unique QR Code that can be scanned at the event using a smart phone.

As a last resort, paperwork may be completed at an event under strict guidelines and with precautions in place, this will include but not be limited to social distance queueing, not sharing of pens, limited handling of documentation etc.

Specific COVID-19 documentation is being prepared for use at all events.


Can events that require a co-driver or passenger take place?

Only where the vehicle occupants or riders are not in an enclosed cockpit. Under consultation with our medical advisors we believe that competitors wearing safety equipment, sat in an open cockpit (no windows to the side or rear) or racing sidecars will not constitute a greater risk of transmitting or catching the virus.

Will technical control be undertaken?

No, we already require competitors to state that their vehicle is safe and compliant, this will continue and technical control will not be undertaken, other than a visual checks.

Will we need extra signage at events?

Yes, you will need to be displaying signage around the venue stressing the requirement for 2m social distancing. You will also need to provide hand wash facilities with signage at any documentation area as well as at the head of the queue for toilets.

Do we need to supply toilets?

You will be required to supply toilet facilities as per normal, these will need to be sited so that social distancing can be maintained, particularly if a queue is likely to be formed. Hand wash facilities must be available for people prior to accessing and upon leaving the toilets. All toilets will need to be cleaned with a disinfectant on an hourly basis, cleaning times of the facilities must be recorded.

Do we need to supply PPE?

You will not be required to supply any PPE to competitors or their entourage, they will need to be informed in your event paperwork that the supply of PPE (masks and gloves) is their responsibility. You will be required to have a supply of PPE available for all marshals and officials, all officials will have to declare that they have not been tested positive or showing COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days.

Communicating the disease is more difficult whilst wearing a mask!

What medical precautions will I need to take?

You will require the normal level of medical cover for your events. You should ensure that you have discussed with your medical team the measures that they will be putting in place due to COVID-19. Our medical advisors have given us the following guidance for all Medical and Rescue Personnel:

1, Level 2 PPE (gloves, apron, surgical masks and safety glasses) must be worn when attending any incident at the event.

2, Level 3 PPE (gloves, coveralls/ gowns, FFP3 respirator and safety glasses) must be worn for all circumstances where aerosol generating procedures (AGP’s) may take place. It is highly recommended that these procedures are only conducted in extreme emergencies and are ordinarily handled by calling in an NHS Emergency Ambulance.

Can we allow parents trackside to assist marshals?

Safety of competitors is paramount, as such the answer to this question is yes. Any parent acting in this role must register that they have not been tested positive or shown COVID symptoms in the past 14 days. They MUST wear a mask and a fresh gloves for each session, all riders and parents must be aware that this system is in place and if they have any concerns they should not compete and be refunded any entry fee paid.

What if someone becomes ill at an event?

If a person starts to show symptoms of the virus at the event they must immediately pack away and leave the venue, they must inform the organisers by text or telephone of the situation.

Can we have catering on site?

Currently the guidance is that take away catering is acceptable, this would be providing that social distancing can be maintained. As of July 1st we will allow ONE catering unit on site providing that customers can be served individually (one by one) with 2m social distance queuing in operation, the ground will require to be marked in 2m increments. The provider must have their own COVID 19 risk management in place.

Can we have a spares van on site?

As with catering this will be allowed for one retailer per event and only if social distancing measures can be maintained.

You can download this document in a PDF version here –  covid-back-to-racing-organisers-29.05.2020

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