COVID Media Declaration Form

    As a part of the booking process for media personnel during the COVID pandemic it is a requirement to complete the following form ahead of arriving at the venue.

    This system has been put in to place following the Coronavirus outbreak, reducing the need for completing forms at an event reducing the risk of transmission of the virus

    By submitting the form you agree to abide by the declaration as set out below:

    • I fully understand the risk of attending the site with regards to COVID-19.
    • I will maintain the 2m social distancing rule whilst on site.
    • I will be responsible for maintaining my own hygiene with regards to hand washing, following government guidance.
    • I will comply with all instruction given to me at the venue and respect all staff and their requests.
    • I will observe and obey all instructions given me by the event organisers and officials.
    • By being present I accept that I may be exposed to the risk of injury or death.
    • • I have Public Liability Insurance to a level of £2 million.**

    ** If you do not have proof of Personal Public Liability Insurance then you will need to remain in public areas and will not be permitted to fly Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft at the event.


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