South West Off Road

South West Off Road

South West Off Road was founded in 2005 by a group of Motocross friends who at the time were all competing under another governing body, since then the group has grown dramatically to become one of the biggest motocross groups in the South.

At that time it was felt that the previous governing body were far too political and were charging riders too much money to participate in their hobby so SWOR was formed to ensure that riders young and old could enjoy their weekend sport without breaking the bank!

The committee consisted of officials from four individual motocross clubs who ran events throughout Devon and Cornwall, the important factor being that it is run by riders for the riders.

Some rounds were run under ‘SWOR’ which means that all the clubs came together to run the event rather than it being run by a single club like much of the other rounds.

In more recent years however it was proving hard for clubs to generate the members needed to run their events which made things hard for the small club teams.

For the 2021 season, as an organisation it was decided to amalgamate individual clubs into one committee which will run all SWOR events. This means that you will now become a South West Off Road (SWOR) Club member and join the SWOR championship – each event run will still hold the SWOR manner, friendly and professional.

At the end of the year there is always an awards night to say thanks to all and award riders for there achievements throughout the season.

As well as the championship we also run other competitions such as Holeshot Awards and Fastest Lap Challenge so there is always a lot to race for!


What does this mean to you the rider?

* A 12 Round Championship Series with the option of dropping six races.

* A good selection of much-loved tracks in the South West region with one or two potential away tracks.

* Booking in and payment through the Nora92 online System.

* Marshalling is no longer a requirement to be a SWOR member – although anyone wishing to join the committee and help run these meetings, please contact the SWOR team!

* Team Event style/Fun Event to be placed within the calendar.

* End of Season Presentation with Trophies and Prize Money.

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