Prescott Bike Festival

Prescott Bike Festival


Barring the Zombie Apocalypse, we’re (definitely) running Bike Fest on June 26th 2022 and we’re rolling back to better days. Back to a one day event with lots of bikes running the hill (your own and our invited special stuff) and loads of bikes to look at and talk about over a beer, coffee and some decent food. Bikes, bikes and more bikes, marvellous. As you know, Bike Fest and your support play a huge part in topping up the Blood Bikes coffers and believe us when we say they need it more than ever. What these guys and gals have done during the pandemic has been awesome but with no fund raising, the pot is running really low. If you want, you can make a donation on our General Admission Ticket page or through Just Giving. The Festival has raised over £220k since we started and with your help we can make 2022 our best year ever and smash it.

RUN THE HILL ENTRIES (now full and closed for 2022)

Around 200 or so of our public entry taking to the Prescott Hillclimb course. But don’t confuse this with boring, there’s some pretty nifty bikes, three wheelers and sidecars in there. And some pretty nifty riders too!

Prescott Speed Hill Climb, Gotherington GL52 9RD

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