Club in Profile: Sweet Lamb Adventure Bike Academy

Next up with their Club Profile is the Sweet Lamb Adventure Bike Academy which is the UK’s most unique off road venue for Motorcycles and training, situated in mid-Wales at the 6,500-acre site of the Sweet Lamb Rally Complex.

Offering everything from entry-level training to Advanced specialist Training via one-to-one sessions & group events, Sweet Lamb Adventure Bike Academy also cater for ladies with their female instructor. They also run Forestry Days & Trail Ride-Outs plus the newly introduced Weekends away event.

Name of Club: Sweet Lamb Adventure Bike Academy

Type of events your club runs: Off Road training

Year Club founded: 2011

Area your club runs in: Mid Wales

Ages and classes your club runs: From 16 onwards

Membership costs and info:free

Entry costs and info: Depends on the event

Web address:


Other contact details:
Mark Molineux phone number (07794) 937011

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