02.01 Clerk of the Course Risk Check List (Motocross)

    This risk check list should only be used in conjunction with the current NORA92 Ltd Codes of Practice, Discipline Regulations and Circuit Safety Guidelines along with the information supplied on the Course Certificate for the specific venue and returned with your event paperwork.

    If you have to answer no to any of the questions, please outline the reason and what alternative steps were taken in the additional information box at the end of this form

    Event Details

    Name of the organising club or organisation:

    Name of the Clerk of the Course:

    Clerk of the Course E Mail address:

    Clerk of the Course licence number

    Name of the Venue

    Event Permit Number

    Event Start Date

    Site Layout

    Is the entrance to the site signposted on the road?

    Has an emergency access and egress plan been discussed with the emergency services?

    Additional Information


    Are there two Motorsport is Dangerous warnings at each entrance?

    Is the track laid out suitably for the class of riders competing?

    Are all hazards, run offs and crossing suitably protected and marshalled?

    Is spectator protection in place as per the NORA Safety Guidelines?

    Are all circuit safety measures in place as per the NORA Circuit Safety Guidelines?

    Are all areas prohibited to the public suitably signed?

    Does the circuit correspond to the Course Certificate if applicable?

    Additional Information

    Paddock / Parking

    Is the paddock suitable for the number of competitors?

    Are emergency access and egress lanes clearly defined?

    Is the no riding in the paddock policy clearly signed?

    Additional Information


    Are all officials licenced as necessary by NORA 92?

    Are there an adequate number of officials for the event?

    Are the Marshals suitably protected from collision by a competitor?

    Have all marshal been briefed on their duties and signed on?

    Additional Information


    Are all riders licenced by NORA 92 and checked at pre race administration?

    Are all classes and groups set out as per the NORA 92 Motocross Regulations?

    Are all riders wearing protective clothing suitable for the type of event?

    Are all motorcycles fitted with protective equipment as per the Motocross Regulations?

    Additional Information

    Additions and Notes

    Has this form been submitted prior to the commencement of the event??

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