Begin Off Road Membership Form

    Please complete this form for your membership to Begin Off Road organised by RRW Events Ltd

    As part of our operating procedures, especially with the current COVID19 outbreak, we are trying to minimise the use of paper forms at the site at Sleap.

    By submitting the form you agree to abide by the declaration as set out below:

    • I fully understand the risk of attending the site with regards to COVID-19.
    • I will maintain the social distancing whilst on site.
    • I will be responsible for maintaining my own hygeine with regards to hand washing, following government guidance.
    • I will comply with all instruction given to me at the venue and respect all staff and their requests.
    • I will listen to and abide by the instructions given to me.
    • By taking part I accept the risks involved in motorsport, including the risk of injury or death.
    • I will wear the appropriate safety clothing as instructed and that my machine is suitable for the intended purpose
    • I am fit and not suffering from any physical or mental disability which would impair my safe participation in the session
    • I am not taking any drugs (prescribed or otherwise) that will impair my ability to take part.
    • If under the age of 18, my parent/guardian has read the above and signed opposite my name to confirm agreement with the declaration.

    Participant Details

    Age Details

    Person with Parental Responsibility (if rider is under 18)Details

    Please check the box of the details are the same as for the participant


    Read carefully before submitting to ensure that you agree.

    • The answers given by me in this membership application are true.
    • I will NOT take part in any session where I have a doubt as to my safety.
    • I will tell you immediately if, for any reason, I believe that I am no longer able to satisfy the terms of this membership or I become aware that I have become unable to take part due to physical or other disability.
    • I agree to accept the risks of injury and death that are inherent in motor sports and agree to take part at my own risk.
    • If under the age of 18, my parent / guardian has read the above and submits the form accepting the declaration and agreement.

    By submitting this form I declare that I agree to the terms and conditions laid out above

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