With 2024 rapidly approaching the focus for the South West Off Road club now turns to a new championship for all their riders.

Joining SWOR Championship: £50.00
Race Fee: £45.00
Late Entry Race Fee: £55.00
Day Licence: £10.00
Transponder Hire: £10.00

NEW FOR 2024

– Joker Card (double points) MUST be played before rounds 7 and 8 i.e must be used at rounds 1-6. You can only use once. If you dont use it before rounds 7 and 8 you will loose it.

– New point scoring system, RD 1-6 will be scored the same with remaining rounds increasing points awarded to top 5 places.
RD 1-6 max points 135
RD 7 max points 165
RD 8 max point 195


Holeshot Championship: this will be taken from Race 2 of every race meeting and will be awarded at the end of the year.

Our groups are based on ability and the committee have the right to move you up or down when required.
Championship Groups:

Junior Elite
Junior Open
Inters 9-14

The club are affiliated to Nora 92 and this will be the licence you will need to have to ride with them, if you don’t purchase a licence you will be able to buy a day licence. Booking in for races will be through the Nora92 website. Members will have until midnight on the Tuesday before the race day to book in at the members fee after this it will be a late entry fee.


To join the championship you will need to fill a form their through our website www.swormx.co.uk and make BACS payment.
2023 members have priority until the January 19th 2024 and then we will open remaining spaces to new members.
Confirmation of membership will be via email, we will confirm your groups, race number and payment received for your membership.


Feature Image courtesy of JHMX

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