The start of any racing season is always a challenging time, but this year has taken it to a whole new level for the SXS Racing championship. A bad spring across the UK has already seen round one rescheduled due to a flooded paddock. So going into this event, there was a definite tension around the weather.

The track build went exactly to plan, and the team put in a fast-flowing circuit with wide corners to maximise racing. The early birds had already started to arrive, and the paddock energy was building nicely. The dozer had just pulled off the track after grading it to near perfection, and all we had left to do was to put up banners and the remaining flags to dress the venue, and we were good to go. Unfortunately, nature had other plans. I’m not sure how you would describe the weather that hit us, but it was once in a lifetime for many. Torrential rain fell, bringing ice and water in waves that just seemed to never end.

The track initially held up, but it just couldn’t cope with the volume of water as the corners and straights began to flood. Watching was all we could do as there was still hope that the flash could drain. The rain finally stopped, and the work began to try and save the event. It was decided that leaving the circuit completely alone was the best thing that could be done initially, so as not to dig big ruts, and that’s what we did.

The morning came, and the staff and volunteers jumped to work digging ditches and drains to try and clear the last of the water. It was clear that we were up against it in every way. We tried and kept trying until it was evident we had done everything we could, and we had to run some cars to test the surface. It was decided to run each of the classes in a practice session and hope for the best. After session one, it was clear that the cars were going to dig, and that grip and visibility were non-existent. Saturday was then abandoned with the hope of a stiff wind and some dry weather overnight.

Sunday came, and the weather hadn’t been kind with some gentle rain adding to our problems. The decision was simple as the track just could not be raced safely. The mission was then to salvage something and try and get the drivers some seat time, and that’s what we did. The track was altered to suit practice using the parts that could be driven, and the Youth and Adults ran alternate sessions for most of the day. It was good fun for those that dared to drive the conditions. Well done to all the drivers, and thank you to everyone who helped salvage something from the day.

The Diamond in the Rough

Even after the disaster the weather dealt us, we still managed to raise some smiles when we ran the first-ever Kids RZR200 session. Five cars took to the miniature circuit, taking part in three 15-minute sessions, which were just about enough for the little arms of the drivers. This class really is the future, and seeing them race was an absolute pleasure. Big things are to come from these little hot shots, and everyone is excited to watch it develop. Thank you to all the spectators and drivers who helped make the session possible and also to Poppin Candy for supplying the sugar fuel for the youngsters. It really did bring fantastic energy to the paddock.

Well done, everyone.Fingers crossed our next outing is a cracker. Scotland Let’s Go !!


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