2022 Polaris British SXS Racing Championship RD2

After an amazing start to the season, round two of the British SXS Championship was upon us and it had lots to live up to – it didn’t disappoint. A world level venue at Cusses Gorse, paired with another strong attendance set up a great weekend racing in all classes. Here is what happened.

Open Class


This session took up exactly where the last round left off and it was tight at the top. Mark McCann took pole but Paul Severn in second place was just five tenths behind. Shaun Haran secured third place with another of the experts Adrian / Callum Loveridge in fourth. Fifth place was the first of the rookie’s home as Jess Barker beat her Godfather Louis McGuffog for the rookie top spot. David Watsons consistency again proved important placing him seventh on the grid. Wayne Harris had a good session moving up the pack to eighth beating good friend Nick barker in ninth no doubt fuelling some humour in the pit area. Tenth place belonged to Rio Longdon which marked the front car of five all on the same second, again proving there is competition all over the field, which is great for everyone involved. Rianna Harris took fifteenth place ahead of Martin Hales who’s day wasn’t off to the best start leaving work to do in race one. Olly McGuffog, Jason Medleycott and Jeremy Levick closed off the back of a very competitive field. On to race one.

Race 1

This race seen the pack get a shuffle, but this didn’t include the top four. Mark McCann broke clean off the line and lead from start to finish. Paul Severn secured second spot with Sean Haran third again the top three split by the smallest of margins across there best laps. Jess Barker in fourth was the first of the rookie’s home with Tom Welborn making great progress through the pack to fifth. Louis McGuffog dropped a place to sixth as Nick Barker progressed up to seventh setting up a great race two for the friends. Adrian / Callum Loveridge dropped places to eighth under pressure from some of the rookie behind as the lap times closed on every lap. Olly McGuffog progressed nicely to ninth with Richard Burke now on all four wheels chasing him home in tenth. Rianna Harris held strong as many moved backwards finishing tenth ahead of the bigger cars of David Watson, Jeremy Levick and Martin Hales. A great session for most but some real bad luck for a few. Race two was set up nicely for sure.

Race 2

This was the very definition of a race as it really did have a little bit of everything. Mark McCann broke clean of the grid but a mechanical problem saw him tumble down the field to twelfth. Paul Severn grabbed the opportunity with both hands taking the race win ahead of rival Sean Haran in second and rookie Jess Barker third. David Watson had a far better session moving back up to fourth ahead of the expert car of Adrian / Callum Loveridge in fifth. Richard Burke again moved up the field finding form with every lap but sixth was the best he could do in the time available. Louis McGuffog in seventh beat home friends Tom Welbourn and Joe Chilvers in eighth and ninth. Mark Scotney dusted himself off after a challenging race one to take tenth place ahead of Olly McGuffog in eleventh place. Mark McCanns damage limitation saw him fall to twelfth whilst managing to keep Rianna Harris behind in thirteenth which could make all the difference further down the line. Martin Hales nightmare day continued down in fourteenth with newcomer Jeremy Levick closing off the pack.

Race 3

This was another great session to watch. Paul Severn started first on the grid but was beaten to the line by Sean Haran who took the race win. Paul Severn avoided excess risk and secured the overall top spot for the day with a second place finish. Jess barker topped off a fantastic day winning all three of the rookie races again chased home by Godfather Louis McGuffog in fourth. David Watson continued on with his solid day bagging another fifth spot and a good haul of points at the same time. Mark Scotney improved to sixth ahead of Tom Welbourn in seventh a good day for both cars. Richard Burke after a nightmare start finished in eighth place with some work to do to move up the field at future events. Joe Chilvers in ninth lead in three of the team norfolk cars with Olly McGuffog tenth and Nick Barker eleventh, a mixed bag of results for sure for all three cars. Jeremy Levick progressed nicely into twelfth as Rianna Harris and Martin hales closed off the pack. A great days racing for the Open Class with mixed results for many. A close Championship as we move into round three and that is all we could ever hope for.

Overall Results


1st – Paul Severn #7

2nd – Sean Haran #51

3rd – Mark McCann #64

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Sean Haran

Clerks Driver Of The Day – Paul Severn


1st – Jess Barker #20

2nd – Louis McGuffog #24

3rd – Graham Knight / David Watson #120

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Jess Barker

Clerks Driver Of The Day – Jess Barker

1000 Rookie Class


This class is always one of the hardest to call and this weekend wasn’t going to be any different. There are probably five cars capable of taking pole in any one session and it depends massively on who can find their form on the day. Today that was George Hales proving that precise, accurate corning beats big air every time in a great close session. Second place went to another familiar name with Jacob Wilson only three tenths off the top spot. Next up was the last of the current top three Charlie Snooks setting up a first corner dash in race one. Next home was the quiet but effective Simon Medleycott crossing the line in fourth – a man who has been improving every round but flies under the radar (or did). Well done Simon. Henry Proctor looked to be somewhat out of position in fifth spot with some work to do in race one. Lee Smalls progressed up to fifth ahead of Brad Price sixth followed home by Anthony Green in eighth. Corban Ross had another good day in his rookie season taking ninth place ahead of the more experienced Curnicks in tenth spot. Sam Lloyd and Tim Prior closed off the back of the pack and we were set for race one.

Race 1

This race was everything we hoped it would be and proved how hard this class is going to be to call. Henry Proctor ploughed threw the field taking the top spot in a great display of driving. Jacob Wilson had to settle for second place even after setting the fastest lap for the session. Simon Medleycott progressed up to third with pole sitter George Hales falling to fourth. Anthony Green progressed up to fifth place holding off sixth place Rio Longdon. Tom Butterfield pushed from the back and managed seventh showing that there is pace in the young driver. Charlie Snooks tumbled to eighth followed home by Sam Lloyd in ninth with Corban Ross closing off the top ten. Lee Small crossed the line eleventh place in a tricky session for many drivers. Tim Prior and Jason Medleycott were the last home on the lead lap closing off a great race.

Race 2

Race two saw the deck shuffle with all the names you would expect to hear and few you might not. Henry Proctor wasn’t getting involved and lead from the start, but he was kept busy by a pushing George Hales. A well-timed Joker Lane saw George take second ahead of Jacob Wilson in third. Rio Longdon progressed into a solid fourth hoping to break into the top three for race three. Corban Ross again progressed into fifth followed in by fellow newcomer Tom Butterfield in a great session for both cars. Charlie Snooks battled with friend Lee Small in seventh and eighth place holding off the Curnicks in ninth spot. Next home was the battle of the brothers as Jason Medleycott beat brother Simon to eleventh. Anthony Green was the last of the finishers after a pit error sent him tumbling down the pack, valuable lesson learned for sure. Another great race building up nicely to a last race showdown.

Race 3

This was by far one of the best races of the day and was literally settled on the line. Henry Proctor led from the first bend and looked to home free, however a well-timed Joker Lane from George Hales seen him take the lead on the last lap. Henry wasn’t finished and they battled round every corner and all the way to the line crossing side by side split by hundredths of a second. Three wins for Henry Proctor and another strong second from George Hales. Jacob Wilson closed off the top of the podium places holding Rio Longdon in fourth. Charlie Snooks made some solid progress up to fifth place followed in by the youngsters Tom Butterfield and Corban Ross. Simon Medleycott improved to eighth ahead of Anthony Green in ninth. Brad Price was next in taking tenth place ahead of Sam Llyod and Alan Curnick closing off the pack.

A great day for the thousand rookie class with the championship wide open at the top. Onward to round three.

Overall Results

1st – Henry Proctor #222

2nd – George Hales #19

3rd – Jacob Wilson #7

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – Jacob Wilson

Clerks Driver of The Day – Henry Proctor

1000 Experts


As always this was the class most wanted to see, and this time was no different. Kevin Haran set the pole lap and then dived into the pits to see if it could be matched. It couldn’t, Pole to Kevin Haran. William Buller left it late to take the second spot beating Mark McCann who had to settled for third. Tom Fletcher not known for his qualifying crossed the line for fourth ahead of returning Shaun Jenkinson in fifth place leaving both cars work to do in race one. Lewis Scotney got the better of Mack Priestwood in sixth and seventh place setting up a familiar pairing on the grid. Cameron MacDonald stepped up to eighth ahead of Robert Llyod in ninth place. A great set up for race one.

Race 1

What can you say about watching this class race, its is often fierce, it is always fair and it guarantees smiles! Tom Fletcher went from fourth place to first in the first half lap and then didn’t look back securing top spot in race one. Mark McCann had to work for every yard he gained but manged to take second place in a hugely competitive session. Youngster Mack Priestwood progressed nicely through to third ahead of Robert Llyod who took several places on his way to fourth place. William Buller dropped to fifth whilst getting to know his new machine ahead of the second youngster Lewis Scotney. Greg Rooney and Kevin Haran had a right old dust up fighting for seventh and eighth with both lucky to remain intact. Cameron MacDonald closed off the back of the field in what was a classic race from this class.

Race 2

This session saw Tom Fletcher pick up exactly where he had left off. Nobody could match his lap-on-lap consistency meaning race two was his in convincing style. William Buller continued to grow into his new car taking second spot with more to find if he was to trouble the flying Fletcher. Mark McCann was having a difficult day for sure, and these boys were not going open any doors. Third for Mark ahead of Robert Lloyd in fourth. Shaun Jenkinson manged to find some form as he adjusts back to the ferocity of this class taking fifth place chased in by Kevin Haran sixth. Lewis Scotney consolidated mid pack in seventh grabbing another handful of valuable points in a class where every point counts. Greg Rooney was next home in eighth just unable to break into the top half of the points but in this class that’s no surprise. Cameron MacDonald crossed the line to take ninth after a mistake seen Mack Priestwood scrambling to recover points. Another great race setting up a final race showdown.

Race 3

Race three was a blinder clear and simple. Tom Fletcher looked to have it all in the bag as he broke clean off the line. William Buller wasn’t having this and stayed in the race long enough to get his chance. That chance came on the final lap, and he took it with both hands diving up the inside to take the race win. Tom Fletcher took second place and secured the overall on the day. Mark McCann again took third place with some work ahead to close the gap to the front pair. Mack Priestwood pushed hard from the back of the field to fourth place limiting any damage for his race two disaster. Kevin Haran crossed the line in a decent fifth place holding off Shaun Jenkinson in sixth in his return to the class. Lewis Scotney had a very consistent day again managing to hold off Greg Rooney in eighth. Robert Lloyd ended his mixed day in ninth with Cameron MacDonald closing off the grid.

Another great display of racing from everyone favourite class so well done everyone.

Overall Results

1st – Tom Fletcher #59

2nd – William Buller #56

3rd – Mark McCann #64

Fastest Lap Bonus Point – William Buller

Clerks Driver of The day – Tom Fletcher

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible. All the event staff, race teams and spectators made it a great weekend. Next up Scotland!!

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